What to use on mirrors?

I’m looking for the best way to clean mirrors?

Are they new mirrors or antique mirrors??

I like using Sprayway foam cleaner. Streakless and you don’t having water drips to clean up.


Agreed. I like Zep foaming glass cleaner because i prefer the smell, but whichever brand you choose, this is definitely a very effective method.


That is the other thing. My customers tell me it smells great after I am done. :slight_smile:


I use 3M Glass Cleaner on mirrors. It builds up a protective film after a while and doesn’t leave any streaks.

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I guess I’m the only one cleaning them as I would clean glass, as that is what they are after all, same solution as regualr glass.
And nothing here is antique, its normally bathroom mirrors or sliding wardrobe doors.


Its the same here apart from clients that live in georgian/victorian houses that most would have the original mirrors and timber frames.Have to be careful with them as most are over 100 years old😲

I clean them the same way just less water

The reason I quit cleaning mirrors with watery solutions and switched to foam cleaner is because I came across a few jobs where it was evident that water had pooled along the lower edge and got behind the glass to cause staining. I decided I did not want to be blamed for that, so found foam cleaner to be the answer.


Mirrors have always been an enthralling subject for me. It is true the surface is the same. Just float glass. Which of course is usually loaded with surface imperfections as float glass typically is. Especially the tin side. And on a mirror THAT FACES YOU!!! Because the coating process will be done on the air side. We gotta know that. Other than this any filming that happens on a mirror will be MUCH more noticeable because of the reflection. Especially in the direct sun.

I have a forty foot long eight foot high wall of mirrors on my route. And I use Dawn. Which as I have mentioned on this forum is based on two anionics. This family is characterized by a negative charge. Glass surfaces are negative also. Like charges repel, and unlike charges attract. Hence the nonfilming properties of Dawn. Of course it does leave a slight film. But because it is negative not much. This is the reason I am now looking at a Super Soap based on a silicone copolymer anionic. NOT an nonionic which I call Cheetah and had about twenty of us test. The results were less than acceptable. Although it did do what I wanted it to do. It left a clear surface after draining when used in a WFP application. Hard water, high TDS, but NO spots. Conditions were way too finicky however. Totally gotta love those soaps guys.



i am using it lately on inside glass as you do spray, scrub with tbar, squeegee,

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as stated before… sprayway and a clean microfiber

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Me too … you can use spray though. Some instances it’s the way to go.
Either way is fine


Thank You so much so the input and advice! You seem to know your
business quite well.
i will surly take your advice and run with it. Happy Holidays!

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Robert, they are new mirrors.

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Thank You,  i will use your advice.

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