What tools are people using for key word research phrase?

Also what do you think is more important your city first or last?

Organic search: Portland window cleaning Im #2
Google places: #1

Organic search: #1 Window cleaning Portland
Google places: #2

Obviously these are the two most important key word phrase. But what ones most searched?

Can I ask what is a “generic search”? Thanks

Three parts to Google.
Google local

Does that answer your question?

change “cleaning” to “cleaner” and see how you rank. And then change to “cleaners” and see how you rank.

One letter can and will push you off the first page. There is no way to cover all the variables just grab a big bottle of aspirin and make the best choice possible

Maybe set up 3 or more sites/pages?

Each one focused on that keyword?

A site/page focused on Window Washing Portland, Portland Window washing, Portland or Window washing, Portland oregon Window washing, Window Washing Portland or, Window Washing Portland oregon

and then one for washers, and cleaning, and cleaners?

You can optimize seo on pages easily if you use wordpress. Just some thoughts.

@sunup: I sent you a document I created searching the different variables.

I think city first is best… From people I have polled they seem to think the same…

“Vernon NJ Window Cleaning”

The word “Organic” should be substituted for “Generic”

JC and View Renew Ive done all that and more.
View thank you for the info.
Chris, thats exactly the info I was looking for.
Window Wizards, your right.