What tools for windshields?

I am new here. Have seen post about windshield scratch removal. What i can not readily find is information about the best tools and process to work with for car windshields. We are Netherlands based and use GlassRenu for regular windows, and are satisfied with the system for regular windows. Can someone advice what to use for car windshields?

Hello Mark.

I have been polishing scratches from Auto Glass for over 20 years. I use a polishing head like this 25010 Polishing Head (PH1) - Delta Kits, for most repairs. I mostly use a smaller Makita polisher with it [url=http://www.makitatools.com/en-us/Modules/Tools/ToolDetails.aspx?Name=PV7001C]MAKITA Industrial Power Tools - Tool Details - PV7001C. I also use the Glass Renu equipment in many ways on Auto Glass as well.
The lighter scrapes will come out nicely by polishing, but deeper scratches sometimes need to be sanded and polished. Sanding can cause distortion, so procede cautiously. I would say that practice on an extra windshield in your shop would be very helpful.


Thanks a lot for yr advice! Much appreciated. We will try out these tools, for sure.
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We are sometimes asked to remove cement or calcium stains from glass. Rather than sand and polish, can someone advice a good chemical remover, would save a lot of time.

Hello Grinders.
Got a call from a BMW Dealer to remove a scratch on a 2015 BMW Z4. The scratch was deep and near the drivers vision, but the glass was going to be replaced if I could not fix it. I have worked on hundreds of auto glass scratches and am pretty confident with what I can do. I started by sanding down the glass to the bottom of the scratch, and feathering it out about 5" from the middle. Then I polished. Many swirls became visible, so I went over it again. I spent twice as long as I normally would, and it still looked unacceptable. I spent two hours for no money, and my reputation sustained a hit, and now I don’t know what to do going forward regarding windshield scratches.
I think it might be something to do with changes in the composition of new BMW windshields, and I think other auto companies could have this issue as well.