What type of phone do you use?

I am Looking for a new phone to use. I have AT+T as a carrier. I looking at either a Blackjack 2 or a Blackberry. I am moving up to a smart phone. What do you use or recommend. :smiley:

I have had the iphone for over a year right now its the best phone i have ever used.

I would say the Iphone to… If you need to do a ton of typing then the BB.

I love my iphone. When customer’s ask me “how are you going to reach those 4 story windows from the ground”? I whip out the iphone, show them pics of me and my guy’s at work and they get there answer real quick.

I’ve actually convinced 4 or 5 customers in the last 6 weeks to let us do the job just from my pics alone, no written proposal needed.


Blackberry here.

Iphone… it’s cool being able to access CF (which is a web based program) and book them then and there.

I’m looking into a BB or similar for my next phone. It should make record keeping and scheduling alot easier.

Nokia 61XX in a Body Glove case on my hip at all times. It takes a beating. It’s the third one (first one was lost in a Primus pit; second was run over) for me.

Bought an iPhone for each of the children last November – now I want one, too…

Samsung Eternity. $15 data package

Motorola “Q”. Syncs nicely with my Outlook Calendar on my home computer so I no longer have to carry PDA and cell phone.

My wife has an iphone and she loves it. Im just not sure if it will durable enough for me. I do like the features and the way things work on it. Just concerned about the durability. I am rough on phones :eek:

You sound like me. I went through 6 phones in 2008.
Anyway I have a blackberry and love it, I’ve dropped it hard at least 6 times, and it still works fine, dents and all.

Only 6? Blackberry Curve for me. It’s a tough phone, keeps everything organized, and having the internet right on your phone is helpful in too many ways to list.

The Blackberry rocks

Samsung - ACE for me.

first one was lost in a Primus pit;

Primus Sucks!!

Their set was one of the highlights for me at the Outside Lands festival in SF last August (first saw them around 1990 in San Jose.)

New Les solo CD hitting stores on 3/17/09, with support from Eugene Hütz, Lapland Miclovik, Mike Dillon, Sam Bass, Paulo Baldi, Cage Claypool, and Bryonn Bain.

I don’t get out to shows much anymore, so its probably been over ten years since I saw them last. I think it was actually Les and the Holy mackerel. I did get to throw mud at the band during My name is Mud at woodstock in 94

Saw Les NYE with Sam Bass, MIRV, and Paulo. Gabby LaLa played a bit, and actually sat in the audience next to me for awhile.

Zappa Plays Zappa opened and tore it up but good.

Tonight it’s Marco Benevento with Reed Mathis and Andrew Barr for me!

I picked up " Sailing on the Sea of Cheese" Recently… An older one I haven’t listened to much. I saw Primus at Vegoose 2006 They were definitely awesome, lol.

Back to the thread, I have the cheapest phone possible…For a couple reasons.
1.I don’t have the money for a nice right now.
2.I’m pretty sure I would break a nice phone in about 3 1/2 weeks( I have with a couple already)

I dream of an iphone soon… That has a case… and is bulletproof, hehe.