What type of phone do you use?

I’m really not sure what’s so great about the iPhone. Is it because it plays music, or because it’s a level?

yes and yes… but its actually much more than that… Its thin, bright and elegant. The apps are so fun and it just works perfectly. There is a real browser, its super quick to.

Its the ultimate entertainment package… I have it loaded up with books, podcasts and music. I can stream live video right to this website with it, it takes good pictures. It sysncs real time with out connection to a pc all 8 of my calenders, and my email. It has youtube, and an amazing weather app… All my bookmarks from my pc sync smoothly. Any stock I have show what they are doing real time. The gps works flawlessly…

oh and its got a caculator.

But does it have a spell checker? :slight_smile:

I guess I’m leary of the touch screen. I had a windows based touch screen phone, an HTC, before I got a Blackberry. (it was not good) The screen was always dirty, because my hands are always dirty, at least when I’m cleaning windows they are.

My kids both have a case for their iPhones where a clear plastic protective sheet is utilized to protect the touch screen.

My current favorites on the iPhone are Bubble Wrap and Virtual Zippo Lighter!

My favorite apps on my Iphone are Pandora & Trapster… Trapster is like a radar, it soo awesome

Blackberry here…:slight_smile:

Radar as in… a radar detector for cops or as in weather radar?

If the phone is a radar detector for speed traps I’ll buy it.

It’s not totally a radar, but it:
Shows you a exact position of you driving and shows cameras at intersections, where speed traps are usually held, and yes where police are. Is it 100%…probably not, but it works on the high way big time, and for me that’s important because I have a led foot:D

It’s a FREE App.


I’m downloading Trapster to see how it works. Interestingly it claims that it uses the internal GPS with the Storm even with Verizon, who cripples the GPS on all of their smart phones and Blackberrys. I have the Curve, but I’ll give it a shot.

This also brings up my geeky/nerd hobby. I have a “communications receiver” or basically a fancy police scanner.

So I know where the highway patrol are before they get there… or anybody else for that matter.

Blackberry curve. I would be interested in how the touch screen works on the Storm. I do a lot of email on my blackberry.

i avoided a trap today thanks to Trapster. on my way to surf it told me of a possible trap, so I slowed down and there was a Cop sitting behind some plam trees in his car with a stupid radar gun…