What type of post card has the best response rate?

I am currently putting a post card together and I am wondering what method will yield the highest response. I am contemplating if I should have a post card with just window cleaning or should I include window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and house washing. Which method have you had the most success with?

My first thought is don’t give them to many things to think about or read. Stay focused on one important idea, something they will remember, something they will take action on. Just MHO :rolleyes:

Lets face it, most post cards are fairly typical, we used 4 x 6 laminated Spring theme photo on the front with a list of services on back.
Putting a lot of thought and time to what area will you target your potential for new customers is going to be your method. Try H.O.A.s for residential paying attention to where they still are building.

I think that you should maximize the distribution of your post cards by making a different post card for each type of work you do. Make one for windows, another for carpet, and another for house washing. Be sure to include the fact that you do all three services on the back of all of the cards. You don’t have to kill them with information. Just give it to them in amounts that they can mentally digest.

Then I would send the post cards to the same people exacty one month apart. Maybe start with the windows, then the entire house washing, then carpet. By the time they get the third card they’ll have seen your logo enough to recognize your service. When they put it together that you are a full service company, they’ll call for a quote.

Don’t forget to give them an offer they can’t refuse. And an expiration date for the offer.

Good Luck.