What? WCR is crazy!

Check out the Sunday deals! Especially this one http://shopwindowcleaner.com/miscellaneous/specials/aqua-dapter-mk3l.html


Wow Great pricing…Aqua-Dapter, Waterfed Pole Accessories, Water Fed Pole, WFP, MK3 | Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

$50 for an Aquadapter is unbeatable.


and there gone…:frowning:

Good review and great blowout price, these won’t last!

These specials are such a double edged sword… although its nice to clear out old stock… folks that purchased 2 weeks prior inevitably get mad at the low prices… :frowning:

Those are probably the same people who wait to buy everything on free shipping days, so you’re even :slight_smile:

Why are you talking about me like I’m not here, John? Yes, I bought a 5 gal of fresh wash and a 5 gal of roof snot on a free shipping weekend. What’s it to you?

Did you get mad about a half price Aquadapter after you paid full price? If so, yes, I’m talking about you. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t ever use one.

Yeah, can’t you just stand on the hose?:stuck_out_tongue:

No, you gotta bite it.

Darn doing it wrong again? Nobody told me about that. Guess I need to dig deeper into more of those vids again.

Hahaha Jesus Christ this wcr store is a joke you guys deleted my post on where people can get aquadapter cheaper. Anyways if anybody wants to know how to get the aquadapter cheaper because the wcr store is selling to expensive just go to the pwi forum and there is a thread over in the window cleaning section that tony Evans started on where you can find the aquadapter cheaper than the wcr store. Thanks in advance

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What a dip****. FTE!!

Someone needs to let this guys customers onto the fact that they probably can find cheaper prices on craigslist for exactly the same service he offers - cause I assume his prices are a joke.

He probably is the craigslist bob.

I don’t see any records of a post being deleted from this thread.

We were selling them for 50 bucks, where in the world are you seeing them for cheaper than that?

Yeah, this is his 3rd post. First talked about it, a few hrs ago said it was deleted and redid the post and this one. So there should be 3 posts on here and I only see 1. Think this is what he is questioning. I always delete by email inbox so if I had the old one I would send it.

Which country overseas? I see many good deals overseas but when look at shipping and the time for delivery. No thanks. What about if product is faulty? Return and get a new one. There is a whole month gone.