What would make your WindowCleaning.com site even better?

Let us know what site improvements you’d love to see and we’ll try to make it happen.

As you probably know we’re well on our way to launching the vastly improved WindowCleaning.com member sites. But here’s your chance to make them even better.

Are there things you just wish your site included that it currently doesn’t?

Have you heard feedback from your customers about the sites?

Do you have a great idea you’d love to see in the new sites?

Send us an email to members@windowcleaning.com and let us know!

(Or just reply to this thread and let us know).

Look forward to hearing from you,

get some jobs :slight_smile:

ha ha…that’s the end game for sure. That’s why we want to hear from you.

You’re out there working new customers every day, your feedback/constructive criticism goes along way to us improving our service which equals more sales!

I like the site, sometimes I wonder if it’s just a google thing, because it does rank high in the city i have, but maybe the keywords, not sure why my main site which doesn’t rank at all does better.

Have you had any customer feedback as to why they chose you after looking at either your main site or your WindowCleaning.com site? Would be interesting to hear for sure.

I’d like a solid way to find out exactly what site is bringing in the calls. I know we had the phone number, but that didn’t work out so well…I tried thinking about a way to find out just by asking them but other than “which site are you looking at” I draw a blank.

I know that its given me jobs, I just don’t have a way of tracking it which would be highly valuable to me.

Great feedback Tory. We’d like to improve our reporting so that each member can see exactly how many leads (including phone leads) are being created.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you’d like improved!

To be fair though, I HAVE gotton some email leads from the site.- OH! another thing, the email leads that come in are REALLY hard to read. The first few emails that came in I thought it was a newsletter from you guys. Its hard to see the client details. Maybe loose all of the graphic design and just the important info that gets sent to us?

When things slow down enough to think, I’m sure I’ll have some recommendations.

btw - Thanks Tory for posting and talking to me months ago. I have all the cities in lockdown in my area :wink: Looking forward to spring and TOTAL DOMINATION!!

I have a recommendation right away. Can you please let new members know there is a private forum here at WCR. Not sure if my other buddies I told even know this exists.

Oh, I do have one more recommendation (for now), although it may not be possible.

I think it would be really cool, if my windowcleaning.com website had the same look as my original website. Perhaps just the heading and colors, without the same content of course.

I just opened up one of my sites and maybe it isn’t a good idea. I kind of like what windowcleaning.com has going on. Although if the leads don’t come in spring then dominating the ranking won’t matter. I think it will do fine if not great. hmmmm - I’ll have some good recommendations, just give me the winter to catch my senses…