What would you charge for these two?

A lady called me today about 2 commercial buildings she wants the windows cleaned both exterior only, one is 3 story the other is 4 story. See the photos I attached. I have not seen it in person, the photos are screenshots from Google street view as these buildings are outside of my service area about an hour and 40 minutes away from my location. Which I would be willing to do for the right price, so I’m just wanting to find out what some of you guys think you might charge, drive time fee, or whatever advice you would like to give me, any is appreciated.
P.s. No, I do not know if they’ve been kept up on or ever cleaned at all and I don’t know how many times wether one time service, 1x, 2x year etc. I am in the middle of cleaning a large house windows so I failed to ask these questions.
Thank you!

Would you water fed? Or boom lift? Those are some pesky power lines to be very careful around…


If I thought I could ladder that safely and effectively considering 3 hrs a day drive time I’d probably bid at least 3k. There’s companies with a wfp that would bid lower because with the equipment and experience it’s a days work esp if there’s a crew. Personally, I’d probably bid 2k and if they bite I’d buy a wfp and let this job pay for that equipment which is a much needed investment. There will be various price disparities if the others chime in, which hopefully someone else will and will be more helpful. Please pay attention to the power lines. Maybe they’re further away than I think.

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100000% buy a waterfed for this job or subcontract it to someone with one. I don’t see this as a ladder job but maybe I’m wrong…

Not sure what the market in your area is but yeah 3k is a safe bet.

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Wow, I can’t even comment.


The 4 story is a day, day and half solo. No more than 2k, unless they are trashed, and 2k I likely high. 3 story no more than a day. What do you need to make in a day? Don’t ladder this, you won’t be competitive, it will take forever, and your body will hate you. Not to mention that a 40 ft ladder may not even get you to the 4th floor.

That looks like 30-40 foot ladder work. Or 40 foot water fed pole work…

I may be in the minority, but that is too high for me to be on ladders. I value my life more than what I may make doing that job via ladder. In the same token, you wouldn’t want to hit your WFP on those power lines! I know a man has got to eat, but that looks like 40 feet and a lot of moves. More power to you! I wouldn’t know what to bid if doing this by hand to be honest with you. I mean it can be done no problem BUT…that is a lot of ladder work.

With a water fed pole and even a DI cart (you could just re-fill the resin as you go…or get an RO filter and a electric pump and be able to get the water to flow that high) could do this job SAFELY and you would never leave the ground. And one man can do that entire job by himself. Guaranteed.

Let me tell you my experience with a similar job like this. I did a 3 story gym with a high windows (both sides.) I used a 40’ ladder, I guessed…do not remember exactly. But I exactly remember that pain in my rear end for 3 months! It is called Sciatica , my fried! I still have it … Although, it only bother me once a while, but my doctor said that it may come back any time again. And, I am lucky that I did not wound up with a surgery. I had to take painkilling pils and my poor wife had to massage my end. B.t.w. she said “never again!”
Looking back at “this wonderful deal” (I thought back then) I realize now that I was a BIG, BIG, BIG idiot!
I hope your experience will be totally different and less painful or NOT painful AT ALL. I guess there is a moment in your business (as well as in your life in general ) when money is not everything. Once more, it is my own experience and hope no one else had it.
There is one more thing to look into too. It is your liability insurance. Usually guys have a $1000,000 on it provided that you will be cleaning no higher than 15’. Projects like that require a special insurance wich I would definitely pass over to the customer. And is he/she is serious about the job then he/she should pay for it. Good luck with you job!