What would you do with this customer

I had a freaking guy the other day, follow me around the house with a fold up chair. As I entered every room he would unfold his chair, sit down, continue to eat his sandwich and watch me…the whole time, and once in a while spout out stupid comments.

I was over this guy half way through, I even mentioned that I was a professional and hinted that I didnt need supervision. His response " I understand that, but I just want to know that im getting my money’s worth " what a jack ass. He wants his windows done quarterly and he his gutters cleaned twice a year. I told him I would call him back today to work out a schedule but looking back at it I think im over it, not worth the headaches. What would you guys do?

Oh and to top it off that day, right after I head out to get my own sandwich, a nice fat pastrami. While in the parking lot I notice a nice waxed up curb, so i grab my skatboard out of the back of my truck so i can push around and slap some grinds on the curb to blow off some steam.

First attempt, i get completely broken off. Sandwich in one hand, eating it really hard on my other hand and totally injuring my wrist (my squeegee hand too.) then my skateboard rolls across the parking lot where some lady runs over it. ahhhhh what a day.:frowning:

Charge him a very high price for gutter cleaning and window cleaning. If he says no, great you got rid of him.

If he says yes. Then the price is worth the headaches.

I agree with Mike. Jack up the price to see if you can scare him away. Or simply make it worth your while.

By the way, that is the most insane thing I have ever heard. A folding chair! Thats so crazy its funny.

Thought I’d seen it all…

Oh, hows the wrist? bummer

LOL…I have [B]several[/B] residential customers like that. Most of them are New York transplants to Florida of Hebrew descent. I have one lady who is 84 years old and follows me literally looking over my shoulder. Every time you turn or back up, you step on her…:slight_smile: She calls me about every 3 months to come by and “touch up” some windows. I think she musses them just so I will come by and talk to her.

Yes, they can be a pain, but everyone I do, has brought me more business and they always pay their bills very well.

I always tell them, “I have to charge you more, if you are gonna help me.”

They are good customers, but demanding…they will sharpen your PR skills and your patience.

I say call the man back and do the work for him. Now that you have proven you can be trusted, he will still watch you, but will at least stay out of the way.

Think about it this way…the guy could be a retired CEO of some huge company where he made million dollar decisions every day and now his biggest decision of the day is what to have for lunch…

so skateboarding with a sandwhich sounded like a good idea…

you know what they say about multi-tasking

I have dumped customers who drove me nuts. I have had 2 in 6 years, not a big deal.

I know man, I shouldnt have been skating with the sandwich, dang good pastrami, tried to save it too but it ended up everywhere. Hey Chris, the wrist is pretty sore today took the day off. Tried to lift a ladder just to check and there was no way. Im gonna put it on ice and see how it feels tomorrow. Thanks for asking though.

i recently took my truck in to have some work done on it, and the repair shop had a sign on the wall

Shop Rates
Repair Fee - $50.00 /Hr.
If you watch - $100.00 /Hr.
If you help - $150.00 /Hr.
If you tried to do it yourself & couldn’t - $200.00 /Hr.

I’ve been wanting to put something like that in my prices.
When I have people follow me around I either won’t reschedule or will raise prices, a lot!

The one exception was that I had this one guy follow me around just talking (he had alsheimzers), every time I went into another room he would ask about my truck and tell me about his truck he used to have. I had a good time talking with him, he made the day go quicker.

I used to have “there will be a $25.00 additional charge if I have to listen to how it’s done in New York” written across the bottom of my bid sheets

I would have told him it’s impolite to talk with food in his mouth.

“there will be a $25.00 additional charge if I have to listen to how it’s done in New York”

I love that.

I recon If you make sandwiches as good as you say you do

[B]GO BACK[/B] and take him one of your pastrami sandwiches and a piece of fruit in a brown paper bag

Hand it to him then say “Where would you like me to set up your chair up for you today Mr ---------”

He will be your best customer for many years (with referrals) $$$CACHING$$$

Oh as for charging more money WHY? He will pay you plenty over the next 25-30 years or so

Just what I was thinking adriank caching$$$

Big B,

Send him my way and i will take him off your hands. I will show him the star brite way…LOL

that is pretty crazy, i have never had anyone do that to me…

Big B today his quarterly service was due. Did you go an do the work or blow him off? Hows the wrist? Can you still sharpen your pencil or rub out your loved ones eraser?

I had an old lady do that.
I didn’t really care because she couldn’t see all that well:p but she found it necessary to get the windows cleaned.

If he’s old, tell him “shut up old man and go watch reruns of Matlock or I’ll bust you in the hip!”

me too I was damn close to kicking her in the back of the head.

I kicked mine, but she couldn’t see what happened:p:p:p

Hey whats up Jugg, I decided to shine em. I didnt need the headaches man. Talked to a handy man who did work for him also and he confirmed it was a good call. He said himself he would never again work for the guy.

oh yah the wrist is back 100%. Feeling good and feeling hungry. I just want to grow my business really bad man.