What would you guys price this at?

There are 194 panes of glass that I’ve counted so far on the East, North and West sides. See the picture for what the panes look like - the section pictured is uniform every other section while in between there are 8 of the panes the size of the one with the employee entrance sign. I haven’t been to the South side yet as I counted these at work. I work in the building doing custodial services. I have experience in Window Cleaning and am planning on opening shop soon, however I have little experience with commercial buildings such as this. Most at home hanging off the side of commercial buildings. I am reputable with the Plant Manager and saw this as an opportunity to try and make a move on this facility. I am fairly fast while being able to maintain a high quality. I’d like all your opinions on exterior; and then interior and exterior. Thanks for your time.

I should add that there aren’t any windows on the South side as it is nothing but loading docks and a steel door.

As long as there is no high ladder or pole work, and its just a maintenance clean. Keep it simple pick a price per pane per side.
For example 1 dollar per pane for 10 panes of glass would be 10 dollars outside only 20 dollars inside and outside.

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Everything is easily accessible with a 4 ft. ladder or an LG. Would $1 a pane be necessarily what you would come to the respective party about? Looking forward I don’t want to bid too low. The sun might put a damper on my speed though because 95% of the windows are on the East side.

No i would just come to them with your total price. I dont think I’ve ever been asked how I came up with my price either
And 1 dollar a per pane per side
Was just an example
You have to figure out a price that gets you where you want to be in your buisness while still being competitive.
Pricing per pane will at the least get you close to where you need to be, and if you think the sun is going to make it that much harder then tack some more on top of it.

I didn’t mean it like that; I meant if you were pricing it - given the information you know - is that what you would offer?

Exterior 200. In/out 400
If its done on a regular basis

I wouldn’t go any lower than that

Define regular basis? I come from working for a cleaner that did the majority of his work recommending a biannual basis; residential - he did all his commercial work annually I’m pretty positive.

Now I know why I’m not getting any sore fronts! I started out in resi but want to get commercial for more stability in slow seasons (Jan-Feb, July-Aug).

In my head that price would be for quarterly
And if the windows were an easy clean

Yeah you cant beat resi for what you can make.
There is somthing real nice about having that consistent work even if it is less money

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