What You Charging For Screen Magic

When I do screens I will wet wipe them for free, however, I also offer a vip screen treatment by using the screen magic which is awesome!! I charge $5 each when I use it to deep clean every screen.

Just wondering what you guys are charging assuming you use it. I would hate to be undercharging considering its like $65 a gal or $200 for the 5 gal


Live Long & Prosper ha ha

We use SM now as part of our basic package. It allows us to include screen cleaning which most local wcers don’t. I have increased our prices slightly (I add a $1 for every screen).

I suggest doing a search there was a great discussion on this very topic last week with loads of great info.

Try looking into the different forums instead of using search some do that as well.

I have used SM on two jobs now and have used almost 1/2 a gallon of the stuff. I am using the spray bottle and I stack the screens together so overspray will get on the screens beneath, but I cannot help but think of all the money getting sprayed on the ground.

I can only see continuing to use the stuff by upcharging at least $1 per screen just to pay for the stuff. I am not sure that it saves much time.

But on those screens with a fade or haze even after being cleaned , it does ‘magically’ make them new looking again. Kinda like Armor All for screens.

It does work well, but it sure is expensive.

I would not focus on screen magic as much as I would focus
on the benefit it adds to your customer.

It allows you to justify an all around higher price. Mister Squeegee
has the right idea, he is just not doing it right.

We can either ‘upgrade’ our screen cleaning options to include:

[]Basic screen cleaning and…
]Supreme screen cleaning (justify why this is better)


If you prefer to add it to your regular cleaning package you
need to elevate the value. BECAUSE of the advantages they
get having screens cleaned by screen magic. Maybe its because
a polymer in the chemical deflects dirt (I know nothing about
the product, so this is an example)

You can go deeper by telling how most other services don’t use
this product to save on expenses; while your service spares none
for the customer.

If you guys are paying that much more for a product they likely
they will not notice (believe me, most wont) you are throwing money

Same with GG4 or whatever. Windows cleaned side-by-side, one
with GG4 and the other with dishsoap will look the same. What
separates the two (for the customer) is the fact it does not attract
dirt like a petroleum based product does. Which in turn keeps
their windows clear and beautiful longer.

I don’t know, hopefully you get my point

I do explain the benefits of using SM to the customer. I also offer the upgrade to a deep cleaning w/ the method Lance enlightened me on. I try to get their e-mail and send them this also -flyerforpros.doc (182 KB)

Well, you do mention the good stuff… just not very well.

Do you send information on cost or if this is an upgrade? Do
you put it on or do they buy it from you and put it on? (your
ad does not say. It looks like they buy it and do it)

I would not do a stand alone ad on it. It has to tie directly
into the window cleaning service (to raise overall value)

You may be doing this stuff in the email so forgive me if
you are. Hopefully you are not sending this out as an

As a side note- they may not know what a new screen looks like

It’s all part of a e-mail package that includes what we will do for them. I use the SM flyer so they understand what we will be using on their screens.

I’m not sure if you seen our most recent post on our price. It’s been reduced from $265 for 5 gallons to $199.99 for 5 gallons. We have worked very hard to get our price down making Screen Magic affordable to use. At $199.99 that puts it about .16 per average screen. Even if you use twice as much it comes out to .32 cents per screen. If you compare that to the labor costs of scrubbing the screens your miles ahead, and if you can upsell it to make more money on each job while cutting your labor cost, that’s a home run.

By the way, I told the crew that “I think were getting popular, we’ve been abbreviated (SM)”. That really made my day!!!

Also, I’m curious to how many screens you did on those two jobs. A half gallon should treat about 100 to 120 screens, which seems like a lot for two jobs. I shot a video on proper application that might help. I’ll link it at the bottom of this post.

I think the best idea for getting more bang for your buck is treating the screen light and then using the microfiber rag sprayed with Screen Magic to quickly rub down the screen.

I’m not sure if you have a gram scale, but how we determined the use per screen is to weight the sprayer with screen magic, treat a screen and then weight it again and minus the difference. By the way we are using 4’x2’ as our base line for an average screen. I know some screens are huge but then some are 1’x1’, so 4’x2’ or 3’x3’ (same square inches) seems to be the most common.

Overall I want to help you and everyone else to treat your screens the most efficient way possible.

On a side note I have an idea for a ad/flyer. I have noticed that cleaning supplies are up 20% nationally because everyone seems to have fired the maid, including myself. It also occurs to me that people still hate to do their own windows. I’m thinking; “Fired the maid but still don’t do windows, call…” I’m no advertising major but I think it might work.

Here is the link, watch the second video down:
Screen Magic

MMMmmm so seemingly I’m doing pretty well then getting $5 each per screen when up selling the wonders of screen magic, damn i’m good… LOL

yes you are :smiley:

We charge $3.50 a screen as an add-on service and haven’t had any problems so far.

My Company gives a general quick wipe down of the screen sides and charge $2 per screen for deep cleaning. :slight_smile:

Never had a complaint at all and all have been happy so far! :slight_smile:

If they want screen replacement, i do that as well for worn screens! :stuck_out_tongue:

$2ea. for wet scrubbing screens
$5 ea. for Screen magic on screens including solar screens and sliding screen doors

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