What you use for book keeping software?

Hi everyone I am a new member. I am located in Green Bay, WI.

I am thinking about using excel to keep track of my book work. What is everyone else using? Does anyone have any samples of what they are using or used to use?


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I am considering the same dilemma.

I just started a new workbook in excel to track moneys in/out, but I don’t like it much. I would buy the Q.B. Pro 2009 but i have a mac and I heard that the mac program isn’t very good in comparison to the windows ver.

I use George.

Yo Kris,

You are wasting your time and energy, use thecustomerfactor.com

works the same for a mac or pc…

or you can try owl software, works only on a pc

star brite is a proud user of thecustomerfactor for over 2 years…

I use Quickbooks online. I can print invoices or estimates from any computer with an internet connection. I mostly print invoices/estimates on the spot right out of the truck from my laptop.

I’m trying out Quicken right now. It’ll be a little before I know how I like it.

I’m using Quickbooks. Got it for free from Staples!!! My inlaws use it for there business and know the program pretty well and said that they would help me learn it.

You could also use Quickbooks online if you have a Mac. I think it’s around 20 bucks a month.

I have the pc version of quickbooks pro on the bootcamp version of my mac. The bootcamp version enables the make to run as a pc. Actually it runs smoother on my mac than it does on my desktop pc.

Quickbooks and The Customer Factor

I use InvoiceIt

full accounting software

www.thecustomerfactor.com for me too. It works great and very inexpensive.

For job scheduling I use George The Window Cleaner Assistant.

For everything else, like invoicing, bank register, chequebook, and making sure I get paid in a timely manner, I use Quickbook EasyStart. It’s great, about $100 or less, and it keeps everything together.

It’s easy to use, and at the end of the year I just printed off a few statments and sent it off to my accountant, who does my taxes.

I use Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0…I had no idea you could use it online. My version has 10 user licenses and the only complaint I have is that it does not have a feature for recurring jobs…you know, if you have a monthly, bi weekly, that it will remind you. As I grow, I have too much to remember so I have to write it on my desk calander. There is a plug-in for QBs that will do that but its another 400.00.

With QES 8.0 what is good about it is that not only does it have a business plan in it, all the projections and graphs p&l I love all that.

I use QuickBooks because it’s the [B]#1 small business financial software[/B], and it’s used by more small business owners than all competing products combined! It also works well with TurboTax and accountants are all familiar with it.

Quikbooks here too. However, I let my wife do all of the bookkeeping. You really don’t want me near the books!

I just started using thecustomerfactor. I wasnt too impressed with it at first due to glitches in customer records, but steve fixed it. Steve says that he is trying to integrate QB with the customerfactor by mid april.

I use quickbooks too, but I wouldn’t use it just because it’s the most popular software, it would have to work for my business fortunately it does.

Popularity alone doesn’t wash too much with me.

I also have just started using quickbooks easy start 09. i like it, except my invoices will forever look “ordinary” compared to the way they looked before.
As far as scheduling i use a calendar on my computer for that. Mike how do you like George?

I use QuickBooks Pro 2008 for my accounting and Outlook 2007 for my scheduling. Wish they were more a bit more integrated, but I was able to download my customer and vendor info from QB’s to Outlook.