Whatever happened to Pax?

@pagliachi, anyone know?

Ya Don stepped away for awhile, he cruise the forum though… :slight_smile:

I liked his posts

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Yeah, he’s a smart cat! :sunglasses:

cats piss inside the home, inside a box.

I do not get these creatures, yet have one which we acknowledge when it kills shit.

Last week during inventory “dude bob marley is eatting a bird skull”. “9000 feet of x”

Is Pax a dog or a cat?

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Is Latin for “peace” but was also the name of a seeing eye dog (a white German Shepard I believe) from a 70’s tv show about a blind detective .
Longstreet I think it was called…
Thanks for the comments and wonderings
There were a few things going on ( mostly with me) in the forum I didn’t agree with, and when Wcs started useing JRiensten, (whom I absolutely hate and dispise… don’t ask looong story) I took what I thought was a “short” break from the forum.
And so…a year later
That’s been full of strife, loss of life, and personal reflection of who I am and where I am going.
Dureing this time my biz has taken a hit, but a needed hit.
And so…
Look for me in 2017
A new outlook
Posting my inane thoughts and ideas
And posting vidieos.
It’s been a long hard road
I’m glad to be alive.
Happy Chanukah
Mellow kwanza
Sweet Christmas
Merry Festivus
Safe New Year
Remember those no longer with us but in our memories.
C Y’all in 2k17!!!


glad to see you back, i have looked at your old posts and actually found out about power dialers in one.
sorry to here about the strife/loss of life stuff.

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Thanks @cactus27
Too many of my
People I’ve looked up too
& heros
have stepped into the the light and left this plane we call life.
Unfortunately it took a long time for me to grasp the fact that like a fine wine, I am Ageing.
And to come to terms with the fact that nobody gets outa this life alive.
Just glad for another year I am able to say




Truly sorry to hear about your losses, it is a devastating blow. Glad you took time instead of “manning up”.

Always thought you had interesting input and one of the few that doesnt dismiss storefront.

Is that the truth? Or is there another side to the story…?

Welcome back Pag.

Morning @pagliachi good to hear your will be posting more…

I truly feel for you, I hope your pain lessen with time.

Love for someone or something can be so great but can hurt so deep also…

Loss sucks!

Can you change the the “s” to an “r”… :wink:

just relax
Pax is Bax!
i hope he brought snax!


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Steve’s profile pic had me lost for awhile, glad to put a face with a name!

Glad to have you back Pag.

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Even when i was younger I never had that immortal feeling that’s supposedly typical of youth. But now with all my grandparents dead and my parents getting noticeably older, it’s all getting way more real than before.

Its good to be lost for awhile it makes the journey back funnier Dave!

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