What's a fair minimum amount to charge for window cleaning...if any?

I currently don’t have a minimum charge. So right now I’m toying with the idea of having one. To be honest I was even worried it would scare customers away. Just don’t know what to charge or should I set a certain amount of windows? Your thoughts?

Ours is 125.00. It’s worth that for us to show up.

Mine is 75 for residential… and it does not scare people away.

Mine is $89. I don’t usually mention that its a minimum. They ask the price and I tell em. I have on a couple occasions broken my rule and done them for less.

Are you talking storefront or residential? We have a $99 min for resi and i am thinking about raising it to 140. Cant comment on storefront though as we dont do it. I wrestled with the idea for a little while over minimums, but then figured out how much that $50 job actually cost. 20 min drive time, 1hr of work (including setup/takedown and bs’ing with the customer), and standard overhead. Ouch, lost money on that one. Minimums are a great thing. Most every other service provider has them.

“Fair” is one of those arbitrary words. Fair to you or the customer? If my minimum scares off prospects, then they arent the customer I want to have. I point those folks to my craigslist competitors.

I have a residential minimum starting at $100 and storefront of $10. I will go below once in awhile, but seldom.
You’re running a business, just as a plumber, electrician, fuel delivery service or others is.

When I do go below my minimum, it’s usually for a regular customer who wants just a couple windows touched up for an event or if I’m just down the street or something. I try not to lose money. lol, but don’t we all?

85 for residential and 25 for store front


… No minimum here and I never lose money. Sometimes I make a little less, but I never lose money.

100 residential and 20 for storefront. Never break on either.

My previous plumber charged me 90 bucks jus to show up, after that bs he’s no longer my plumber.
I’m now a jack of all from here on out …

Did he charge $90 to show up PLUS the cost of service?
Not sure what your last sentence means…

I think Robs last sentence meant, he was doing it his self from now on if I’m reading inbetween the lines correctly.

“Did he charge $90 to show up PLUS the cost of service?” that sound right to me, most plumbers have a service fee and they charge you their hrly rate plus parts.

This is correct, 90 to show plus whatever for labor.
Second line means I do it all myself …