Whats a habanero with 8 legs called?

No, seriously, what the heck is this?

I was doing a house today and I’ve never seen a spider like this before. Freakin thing was huge. I don’t mind little spiders, but when they’re the size of my thumb it gives me the heebeejibees.


Thats ugggggly

If it were outside of my house, I would feed it little chucks of meat, just to see how big he could get.

If it was outside my house is burn it with fire.

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Oh man, that made me laugh. :smiley:

Google says it’s a “lady bird spider”… yours just looks like a baby version. Don’t ask me questions I just searched what photos looked like yours.

Not quite. It wasn’t furry. The closest thing I could find was an Orb Spider, but regardless, it was a big nasty thing. I’ve seen a LOT of black widows this year and they don’t freak me out like this one. Habanero orange signifies danger to me. Ever since my father in law handed me some jerky and said “try this” and hottest freakin habanero jerky I’ve ever tasted. And not a water fountain in sight.

Definitely wasn’t a crack cocaine spider, I know how to recognize them.

[video=youtube_share;sHzdsFiBbFc]Spiders On Drugs - YouTube

LOL, great video!!

My ex father-in-law did the same to me so I grew my own peppers. I took some to his house and told him “they’re too hot for you, dont eat them” He chomped down on one, turned bright red, swallowed it (to prove how tough he is) and tried to say “they’re not too bad” as he ran to the bathroom and threw up uncontrollably. His face was red and he was sweating profusely the rest of the day. He never messed with me again :cool: