Whats a phone # worth?

[h=5]Question for the group… What would you pay for a phone #, that with out any advertising would ring year round and give you about 500k in work annually?[/h]

One time cost or monthly?

973-827-8311 I got it… i just need to figure out how to forward all the calls to my cell…:cool:

Oh no I meant a window cleaning business

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I think we’d pay a lot, but what kinda work? 500k in route vs 500k in large commercial vs 500k in residential?..


I know what you meant…:smiley:

I would have to say just like Steve Ball said, I believe we all would pay a pretty good price for something like that. As he said what kind of work?

Would it be a one time cost for the number (website ;);)).

And where are we getting the 500k figure? (And do we even have to do the work? And can it be free? And is there a timeshare condo involved? And can you get the number, and then just give us the 500k? Ok, I’ve gone too far…)

The question is too vague…

How did they determine the revenue coming through their phone line? Do they do any outbound marketing or sales calls, if so the 500k figure isn’t necessarily accurate because once that stops, so do the phone calls… If they close up shop, they will be loosing alot of exposure and that will affect the number of calls that phone number gets…

How much is the seller looking for?

Your thinking to much into it.

The parameters are only this:

One phone will ring with 500K worth of work through out the year.

Not people looking for quotes

Just one line ringing with 500K worth of work thats it.

Well priced

Yes it would be worth it! I’d pay a percentage of the gross sales of the 500k. No money up front

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What would you pay for a direct mail campaign that was 100% guaranteed to deliver you 100k in work?

Trying not to overthink
Mailing costs printing labor etc… details, details
10-15% of gross? But hypothetically if I had to spend 15k to make 85k GUARANTEED be a good roi

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SO by that logic… you would pay $88,235 for a magic phone # guaranteed to bring you 500k worth of work… Maybe a few books more than that… because you didn thave to fiddle with all that mail stuff :wink:

Ya know assuming you had it sitting around…

Id pay $84 a month cause that’s what I pay now…but.

If that was offered to me Id pay $150k easy.

My business expenses on $500k would run about $225k so Id drop $150k without thinking to hard.

Well now that we are negotiating:rolleyes:
I may offer less…

How much profit would you expect off 500k in work?

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So if this is a hypothetical question, I would say approx 65k for a # that generates 500K annually would be a great buy

As long as you where in the spot financially to handle the cost up front.

Also you would have to have back office in line to handle the added work load.

And lets not forget to the man power in place for the field work.

@Chris between 150k and 175k

that’s the most i would pay based on nothing more than 500k a year worth of work

New cust, no repeat/previous… 50k.

At this moment, 99% of this forum is asking “what is this foreign language you speak?”

This thread is teaching me two things:

  1. Some of us are overthinking a very simple question.

  2. Window cleaners are cheap

You probably don’t talk to many window cleaners if you are just learning number 2…

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True. It is one of the most interesting business cultures that’s for sure