Whats best for the community

Moderating can be a hard job… I have had to remove some people over the years, and its never an easy decision . I get the same feeling before having to fire and employee… It never feels good… It really sucks actually.

If you ever have a question about the rules here at WCR…

Your always welcome to ask myself, Thad, Phil or Triple C Chris

You can also read over them here:

Board FAQ

Every decision is based on whats best for the community, and I ask myself that quite a few times a week. If you ever feel feel that someone was un fairly removed… Feel free to ask me about it, I would be happy to give you my reasoning and some thoughts on why I thought it was the best decision for the group.

I feel like in the last few years we have been doing this, the right choices were made the majority of the time.

In the grand scheme of things, WCR runs extremely well…Traffic and participation are always up and more and more people join and visit each day. We have created an atmosphere of good adult behavior and it shows 99.9% of the time.

I think you are doing an awesome job, Chris

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I am on a few other forums. One is much more strictly moderated than this, the other much less. I appreciate how you and the team run things, Chris.

The stricter forum does not even allow members to comment on moderating decisions or ask the owners questions about why they do certain things. If its not done in a PM, the thread will be locked and deleted.

The less strict forum is a free-wheeling mess, and the crap is a lot thicker there. I read there, but do not participate.

The first is a paid forum. Costs $7/month.

Let me also add that it sometimes feels strange to delete posts as “spam” when someone you’ve developed a relationship with online over the years posts something “spammy”, but, it has to be done.

If your posts get deleted (actually, moved to a private moderator forum for further review), its nothing personal… the post merely crossed the fine line from “valued conversations” to “look at me, search engines”.

FIFY Chris…

Chris, I think you have developed a forum that is moderated well, encouraging professional dialogue in a civil tone. That is a major accomplishment that I benefit from. I know many have received valuable information and feedback because of the respectful atmosphere. I continue to participate in large part because of the professionalism and respect you and others have encouraged and continue to foster at WCR. Thank you