What's for dinner?

Triple smoke burgers, thought I’d whip this up for the wife and myself mouthwatering just looking at the pictures.
I’ll let you know how the process goes.

Mmmm. We are. Having kabobs and sweet potatoes with carrots. Sorry no pictures.

Sounds great, enjoy …
Couple of pics of my grill’n

Grilled pizza for us! Yum

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Now that’s a first, I want to try that next time we have it.

Me and my wife grill pizza 2 or 3 times a month!

Love it!!

It is quite good. I got the idea from the barbeque bible. I don’t use Steven raichlen’s recipe though.

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Instructions for grilled pizza is on my wife’s blog.
brandieroedl.blogspot.com [MENTION=2426]mrwindow[/MENTION]

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As part of my new “Embrace Winter” persona, I’ve developed a plan to pass the time.
Spending more time in the kitchen is on my list, so expect more activity in this thread.

I’m excited to have my BOREDOM RISE INTO A FURY… oops…I mean, “have more time on my hands.” :o

In anticipation of this Cabin Fever, which I will now refer to as “Quality Time,”
I have unpacked my bread maker, and my slow cooker, that have been hiding in a closet for a good 2 years.

Here is my first pic, marking the end of “throw it on the grill” season.

Along with one of my “lovely assistant.”
(who I’m quite sure will appreciate my time off)

two things:
-nice token vegetable action on that plate.
-you may need another buddy. the one in the pic looks like he’s using you.
-the bread maker hates being out in the sunlight. it’s natural habitat is the attic, or the storage unit if you don’t have an attic.

ok, that’s three things, but whatever.

Throw down with [MENTION=1736]JfromtheD[/MENTION] ! Nice looking forward to it. Ill For warn you I am a culinary school graduate. That’s about as far as that went though!

Steve Rachlen I have a couple if his recipe books. Although I can’t Stand watching his show. He is so boring !

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Tonight I am cooking
Chicken vindaloo , goat saag, smoked basmati rice, with home made naan.
Dessert I will whip up a raspberry sorbert…

*** i am racially insensitive. I am culturally controversial .
I am not politically correct and I wear this with pride. I can give a fat babies dick if you don’t like me (r.m.)
Cleaning Windows is Just My Job, Not My Life…

Indian cuisine . Make sure you are well ventilated :slight_smile:

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Vents are blasting
You can get a whiff of what I’m cooking half a block away
And got a roll of toilet paper in the freezer!!!

Not! “the toilet paper in the freezer trick”. That’s great !! Lol
( ya missed it by that much smart)
I’m glad I’m nit your neighbor . Although at times I’m sure that would be a trip.

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“Token Vegatable” that’s funny. It actually wasn’t quite as bad as that.
Girlfriend called and asked what I was having (“pizza again?”) for dinner.

  • I’m the epitome of the words ‘bachelor cuisine.’

So this pic was response to her smartass accusation.

  • there were more peppers when I actually ate.

I actually like BarbQ University, mainly because of all the different setups he has on his lawn/set.
But I agree… he’s pretty boring to listen to.

Nothing fancy . Just tacos de papa

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I made a salad.