What's Going On? Updated Calendar of Events

We have updated our calendar of events and there’s a LOT going on starting in January. A new event we’re planning on attending is the ICE (International Cleaning Experts) Expo, January 30-31 in Las Vegas. It’s a little different market – carpet cleaners, janitorial, restoration and auto detailers all under one roof. Even if you don’t offer any of these services, I’ve found a lot of the information given at these events crosses over across all cleaning markets. Best of all, the event is FREE if you sign up by December 31, and hotel rooms are only $55 a night. Plus, it’s Vegas baby!

IWCA will be in Memphis in February. Hope to meet some of you there. We are planning to have a booth this year.

Finally, the other one I’m hoping to make is the Northeast Pressure Washing Seminar and Educational Event, March 7-9 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This year, three pressure washing event power houses – Jack Kramer (of the Pressure Washing Seminar), Tom Vogel (ACR Products), and Thad Eckhoff (or PWRA and NOLA fame) – have teamed up to put this annual Northeast favorite together.

Of course, it’s never too early to start planning for the year’s biggest, coolest event either – the PWRA National Convention in Nashville, August 8-9. If you can only make one event this year, that’s the one to attend!

You can read about these and a whole lot of other events on our site: Cleaning events, conventions, round tables, training and other get togethers | eClean Magazine

As always, it’s a GROWING list, so if I’ve missed something let me know.

I was noticing on the new list of events one glaring omission - not one mention of mistersqueegee’s Midwest conference event or window cleaning school. Not once in the whole list. Sad

So since mistersqueegee’s conference and school wasn’t listed this whole year does that mean that you deemed that his school/conference doesn’t “fit your mission statement or your audience”? It’s your magazine and you certainly have that right but you should at least own that decision since you posted this.

Starting in January, privately produced, regularly-scheduled schools will only be listed for paid advertisers. (That is written on our site as well.) However, that said, we are a business just like anyone else here and reserve the right to choose whom we will do business with, meaning we can choose whether or not to allow someone to advertise with us. The July event, I believe, is sponsored by the UAMCC. We have publicly stated that we will not support the UAMCC under its current leadership, and that includes promoting events sponsored by the UAMCC. If the leadership changes before then, we may reconsider this stance.

I wouldn’t consider the school an event, anyways.

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For some reason every time I hear “window cleaning school,” I chuckle to myself.

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It wasn’t long ago when Mr Squeegee was talking down regarding a school, and many others on here were praising the benefits.

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I’ll see some of you in Bethlehem for sure.
The last one I was at was a long time ago in Pittsburgh.
Kind of boring, wasn’t that Seth F?

That wasn’t the best event I’ve ever been to, that’s for sure. I should be in PA. Looking forward to seeing you again, Dan.

For some reason every time I hear “Mr. Squeegee,” I chuckle to myself.

wfp ftw tbh imo!!!

Is a window cleaning school a good thing?

When you first started out, would a school have cut down on your learning time?

I don’t know, Chris.
In my opinion, a window cleaning school is where you learn what the teacher thinks is the best/right/safest way to clean windows. As we all know, there is a pretty large amount of room for variation.
I’m kind of glad I learned on my own with a few pointers here and there. When I started joining forums it was fairly easy to adapt and upgrade where I saw fit to.

I cleaned windows for years for someone, I feel I was taught a proper, safe, effective, and professional way.

Now it’s just learning more about the business side that I need schooling in, but that’s getting better everyday. The cleaning windows part is the easy part of the day

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