Whats the best time of the year to do door hangers?

A month ago I pushed out 2,500 postcards. I didn’t mail them, I put them in peoples newspaper boxes. I want to do door hangers in the same neighborhoods this time. Im curious how you guys have done using door hangers? Spring time is always best to hang them but we are coming into summer soon so im wondering if its a good idea to do it again now or wait? Im thinking ill do 2500 more. Any thoughts?

Put a call to action date on them. We advertise year round with some tapering in the winter. It is kinda amazing how long people will hold onto stuff and will call when they are ready.

“What’s the best time of year to do door hangers?” When you run out is the short answer.

I imagine in snowy climates there is a limit, but in the sub-tropics just before running out I order more and have a rotating schedule that do. It usually coincides with my quarterly cleans in each neighborhood. People see my truck and me working on the neighbors windows, and they get a door hanger within that day or week. Other times when finished with a job in a neighborhood that isn’t due for door hangers I do “5 up and 5 down.” Five doors both sides of the street one way and five doors both sides of the street the other direction from the house I am working on.

Best time of year is during the day. I’ve heard that they are most effective on the houses that are visable from the house that you just worked on, more specifcally the 5 houses around your job. Those people are more likely to see you on the job and most likely going to to talk to the person that you just worked for about the services that you provide. There is nothing wrong with handing them out everywhere though. If you put a discount on it though, dont use an expiration date. You never know how long it will take you to hand them out.

I would say anytime you need more work. We do postcards to current customers untill we are bookes 6-8 weeks out and then stop until it slows down which is usually not until October and then we hit everyone with gutter cleaning postcards.

What kinda response did you get on the first 2500?

Anytime. May is the perfect time. Don’t wait. I just try not to do them on a raining or miserable day weather wise. They are more likely to get tossed when it raining.