What's the best way of running a residential window cleaning business?

Hi my name is William

Owner Pro clean services

I’ve been doing window cleaning for 11 years, have been a one man show with Hispanics from Home Depot. What’s the best way to expand?

I want to hire people to work for me, what would you say the best strategy, stepwise is?


Welcome. There are a number of ways to expand. Advertising is one way. What do you do now? How do you get customers now? Direct mail, website, fliers, referrals.

As far as employees, you will need to get workers comp if you don’t already have that and look for workers that can legally work in this country. You will have to pay a decent wage and charge a decent price for your work. After 11 years in the business you must have some idea of how to get business. Good luck.

…you sir are naive and ignorant…

I believe he is keenly aware of that and the reason why he is asking for advise. :wink:

I wanted to add another suggestion. The best way to run a business is “LEGALLY”. That doesn’t include hiring undocumented workers from Home Depot.

This clip is fun, the powerful Ari Shaffir. http://http://youtu.be/39JYVm8CrXc

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Hiring Mexicans illegally

Wait a minute where is the group of legal guys hoping someone will stop by and offer them work? Oh yeah they’re at home on the couch waiting out their 2 years of unemployment benefits.

Or maybe they’re filling out actual applications looking for real jobs?

Proclean, your best way forward is to start with developing a well organized business and make sure everything is being done by the book before hiring anyone. If you are unorganized now you will me more so with regular employees. Develop a system for managing your customers (stay in touch with them and reschedule them as often as possible) so your not loosing customers as you try to increase your customer base. Make sure you have systems in place or simple set procedures for completing jobs in a timely professional manner so the quality of you service is consistant even when you send out your employees. while you are putting these things in place try to lower your business and personal expenses as much as possible as hiring on is a big responsibility and can be a burden on your profits and cash flow at first. This will hlep you keep your employees on during lean times and still pay your bills.

Next start to develop a marketing and sales strategy to begin to grow your customer base. Then once you have a solid marketing and sales system in place along with low overhead, a solid customer base, and well organized systems to manage your customers and complete jobs in a consistent and professional manner, next develop your human resource skills.

Having employees is a responsibility They are relying on you for their income so you need to have a well organized and established business and have a good human resource system in place. You will need to think of things like
how to determine a pay scale, effective training process, clear company policies so people who work for you know the boundaries, communication procedures (do you have a good system in place so everyone knows how to record and pass along important information along with their own personal concerns and requests) and these are just a few of the things you will need to think about when hiring employees. Pick up some good business books to get some ideas.

It may seem like a lot but start at the beginning and create a plan on how to get there so you can track your progress and stay encouraged. figure out how much you need or want to bring in based on your expenses and personal needs and goals. Then determine how much business you will have to do in a week, month, or year with employees to meet those goals. Then you can begin to see what it might take to get where you want to go. try different scenarios on paper until you come up with one that you like and looks doable then set some goals. Even if your not sure about how good the plan is you can adjust it as you go. Just go for it. This forum is a great resource for information to get some realistic figures from. hope this helps.

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