What's the most $$$ you'd spend to gain 1 regular priced customer?

What is the most you’d invest money wise to gain 1 regular priced customer.


I don’t spend a dime,being that i don’t even advertise anymore and i do NOT give any kind of discounts to anyone.

That’s not exactly true. You have a web site, that costs money. You have a vehicle and I believe you’ve mentioned that it is lettered/signed. You have a 30 day rain guarantee so if anyone called you on it you’d be working for free to do a repeat clean.

We all spend money to gain new clients, my question is how high will you go?

I have an answer for ya…

Let’s see, I have sent out $600 worth of postcards and got 3 sales. I had ads in multiple YP that cost me $300 a month (3-4 months of the winter was completely dead, the rest of the year was not much better) I would guess each customer cost me around $80. Service magic- I got 1 out of 4 so $48 ea.

I am more savvy now, but it can still happen.

To answer your question, we all pay a lot if it is broken down. To say we pay nothing is absurd, or very little growth. (Imagine Chris relying only on his web presence to sell window cleaning… he likely just got a shiver up his spine)

It is hard to say I would pay $50 for a job when I think of handing someone $50. But I pay that all the time with advertising (buried cost)

Is a possible life long customer worth $50? I say yes.

And for those who provide free, on site quotes – the time and expense one spends to travel to inspect a residential or commercial location has a cost.

Here is a question I pose to all of you-

If you could have as many customers as you want at $50 ea and each customer average cleaning is $200. How many $50 would you spend?

Now this is an answer I was hoping to hear. It is in line with the original question. If you could guarantee the return, just how high would one go?

Ha Ha Ha,

well you are right,
but my website hosting is free and i did pay for the lettering on my truck.

and so far this year i only had to go back to two houses for a touch-up. it hardly ever rains out here…

Hey Doug, you’re a good sport. :cool:

Thanks, man,

I love your videos that you make, they are bad ASS…