What's up guys, decided to join the forum


I’m 25 years old still in college and trying to finish it. I’m trying to major in Accounting and finance, but I always wanted to run a business. I have started a couple of business and failed at it. I have experience in the Auto Detailing, auto window film and would also like to learn more about residential and commercial window film.

I’m literally broke, due to donating my time to help an aunt of mine while in school. I only have $150 to invest and I invested it in window cleaning tools I get then this Tuesday after July 4.

I found out today that my parents house may be in a financing mess after making payments for 14 years straight. I’m more motivated to get this window cleaning business going.

So far my plan is to practice all night on Tuesday when I get my tools. Will be going out the next day to test the market and see if I can at least make my investment back.

P.S Am I the only one that can’t see this forum in chrome in my laptop? I’m typing this from my phone.


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Welcome, carlitos!

Joining this forum was a good move. There’s tons of “buried treasure” to unearth using the search function. Also, many guys with massive amounts of experience freely share their wisdom. I’m just starting this season too and this community has already been invaluable.

Good luck on Tuesday. You can do it!


I use chrome on my PCs most of time

i started my business december of '14 and in jan of '15 i made $2000, it’s gone up a lot since then, if you stay at it and work hard every day you will do well and it will snow ball

Welcome, and I wish you success.

Hello Carlos and welcome to the forum!

When I go to the forum on chrome its pretty much blank, I can’t see anything. I think my laptop may have a virus :grimacing:

Sounds good! I have been working on my business plan.

Keep at it. Starting a business is like pushing a boulder. Work hard and it moves little-by-little. Keep pushing constantly. I think a lot of people that fail don’t keep pushing. It doesn’t mean you have to put in 12 hours a day, but it means you have to consistently put in effort. If you stop pushing, the boulder stops rolling.

I was part-time starting out, but from our official kick-off (about 5.5 years ago) we had work every week. It can snowball quickly. if you can put in 12 hours a day, it will grow quicker. But if you can only put in 2 hours/day, that’s fine. Just stay after it and it will grow. It will be slower, but it will still grow.

I have to be in 2 different states all year. My plan is to slowly build the business in both states, I will be filing taxes as Sole proprietorship, my concern is would the insurance cover me anywhere I may perform a window cleaning service?

Good point. Part of the value of this forum is the current posters. Part of the value is the accumulated knowledge of everyone that has come before.

I’ve been on here about 5 years, and just this week something came up on a job that I hadn’t seen before. Checked the forum and found info from 7 or 8 years ago that fit perfectly.

Do research on here. If you limit yourself just to talking to the guys currently active, you’ll be missing out on decades of accumulated knowledge archived. Thanks WCR!


@Carlitos welcome to the forum.

Great post @TJGibson8 the combined knowledge between the current and past members is invaluable in my opinion, most of the time if you have have a question it has been covered on the forum at one point or another.

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Welcome to WCR

The chrome thing is likely a cache issue. Refresh / reload your page a few times and it should correct itself.

Yea I’ve tried that myself, and nothing. :cry:

Insurance laws differ from state to state. Best bet would be to let your agent know your situation and see what options he recommends.

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Welcome to the forum! Sorry I’m late to this party :hushed:

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Welcome to the forum ! I think most of us had a sink or swim start at this. It is very difficult to get started. You made a smart move joining, there is a ton of information here. If I was you keep practicing your technique and start practicing your salesman pitch. Two very important things to focus on. Good luck man.


So far Skipper has been great, maybe he is aware of “The Carlitos Way” :wink:

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