What's worse wet heat or dry heat?

Since moving to the East Coast from the West Coast, I am finding a few things different. Apart from the “rubiks cube” storm windows, I notice how much more humid it is here. I have to say that even though everyone complains about humidity, from a window cleaning perspective, it seems like an advantage.

You wet a window and it [I]stays[/I] wet. On the west coast when it get’s hot, as soon as you’ve wet the window, it starts drying almost instantly. If you want to do pole work on a really hot day, you almost have to have a backflip or whirlwind.

The other weird thing I noticed is that I don’t get sunburned as easily. I have come to the conclusion that the air is “thicker” from the moisture and less intense uv-wise. Sure, you feel like your in a steam room, but you don’t burn as easily… just my experience.

I remember when I was living in Southern Colorado (and vacations in Utah, New Mexico and Arizona), I could get sunburned in a matter of 5 minutes. Not only do I get burned quicker, but the sun seems brighter when the humidity is lower. Am I on to something or is the humidity just getting to me?

Google “Air density and it’s affect on the lift of an airplanes wing.” and you will confirm your suspicions. Humidity = Density. Temperature is also a factor.

Humid and hot stinks, I sweat like a pig and it’s the worst when it gets in my eyes. How does everyone here beat the heat and try to keep cool when it gets in the 90’s?

NJ 24 years , KS 2 months, TX 3 years, CO 6 years, and TX again for the last 5 years. Colorado by far was the best, humidity is not my friend plus 100+ degrees is no fun.

Elevation might have something to do with the burn also.

[COLOR=#333333][INDENT]Elevation might have something to do with the burn also.[/INDENT]

I was living in the high desert… hmmm. Interesting.
I swear, working outside all year makes a person a veritable climatologist.
Or maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting older when I am always talking about the weather.


Sometimes the humidity will cause windows to bleed out from the seals, which can be frustrating

Florida 6 months, Atlanta 1 year, San Diego 7 years, Colorado 6 years - for me San Diego by far was the best climate!

Hold on, let me push this humidity out of the way so I can see the keyboard…

Yea it had been 100+ degrees and HUMID here. I much prefer dryer air. I sweat like a pig in this crap.

Mississippi 48 years. You just adapt.

By the way, bet you didn’t know this:

Wikipedia,“Sweating like a Pig” to denote sweating profusely. This sounds illogical, as pigs have ineffective sweat glands, but the term is derived from the iron smelting process. After pouring into runners in sand, it is allowed to cool and is seen as resembling a sow and piglets, hence “pig iron”. As the pigs cool, the surrounding air reaches its dew point, and beads of moisture form on the surface of the pigs. “Sweating like a pig” indicates that the pig has cooled enough to be moved in safety.

Sweat like a horse? Or cow maybe? lol

We are way in to triple figures here at the moment & humidity is around the 80% mark today. It’s even pointless having a shower, as 10 minutes later… you know what. I remember in Mississippi was exactly the same.

I have the same “getting in the eyes problem” - I find the soaked bandanas keeps the sweat back for a short while. I tried putting them on ice, but they just gave me a headache if they were too chilled. But try it, it definitely cools you down a touch.

either way, wet or dry, sounds damn hot

Hey Jesse, your post reminds me of one very big feature of being a window cleaner. We have mobility. As the cost of living in New York State keeps going up I’ve often thought of relocating. Nice to know that I can show up in any community and set up shop.