What's Your Appointment Process Like?

When you have an appointment with a potential customer.
As in you set a day and time you’ll meet with them to give them an estimate on cleaning the windows.
How do you go about it.

Do you show up and tell them the price verbally?
Do you let them know you’ll email them the estimate?
Do you have those white and yellow sheets and give them the white sheet when your done and maybe get a yes from them that same day?

I’m considering how I want to go about it and am thinking I’ll show up in a company shirt and hat with the white and yellow sheets with the logo and get them to sign that same day and get them scheduled for the service a couple days later :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of you may also give an estimate over the phone.
What’s your method of choice and why???

Show up in my business shirt , ask them what where theyre looking To have done . Walk around the property , count the windows . If they come walking around with me I try and chit chat with them . Complement them with how nice their house looks , Or find something to complement . I give them the price at the time of the estimate , unless it’s a big job then I’ll call them later or text them the price . I usually write down the price on the back of my business card . Most of the jobs we do are between 160-220. So they are ok with just writing the price on my card . If I’m bidding a bigger job I’ll send a formal bid by email . Just don’t over think it , most client s don’t really care about the glitz and glam

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I do a walk around, only rarely does the customer follow or lead me around. Usually I just say “It will only take me a few minutes to walk around and assess the job, put a price and time frame together, then you decide what you would like to do”. I have an estimate sheet that I give them laying out what they ask to have done with a few little things I add in - Exterior only with screens if screens are on the outside; Interior exterior with tracks and screens; Screen repair if any; CCU if new build or remodel; Gutter clean if they need it. Then they are free to look it over with their spouse, or occasionally they just say “When can you do it?” Just love THOSE customers. Most jobs are over $300-$400+. So many large luxury homes are going up or remodeled that higher price jobs are becoming more frequent.

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quoteflare. by customer or by our office i go on maybe 3 estimates per year

Take the call, get their info, let them know we will be our day of or next day (typically)
Get out, walk around, I take pictures on the iPad and input into their Jobber file.
I let them know I’ll be sending the estimate over via email and text message by end of day. (Through Jobber).
Next day, follow up with a telephone call.

I try to do most estimates using Zillow and google earth before I do anything on-site. Unless it’s an abnormal or difficult looking job.

They get their quote via Jobber and I give them a quote for every service we offer whether or not they ask. In the quote it is just marked optional (as an add on) and from there I let them know each service they add on will be discounted at 10% off the additional work on same day services.