What's your size?

Excuse me for asking very personal information but I just want to know what’s your size. And how many do you have?:cool:

Typically, I operate 14" and a 12" in belt bucket and 6" in the pouch for most of the residential jobs, I have a problem being accurate with an 18", is there a handle that makes it easier to fan with 18" maybe lighter channel?
Also is it better to carry around a step tool or have a small pole to reach the windows. ( was thinking have the pole ninja style on your back and just pull it out whenever necessary:D)

I use an 18 12 and 6.

To fan better with a 18 you need to notch your handle like this \ / I am kidding Practice practice practice.

That would be funny, definetely :smiley: (ninja pole)

I use 12 and 14 on my BOAB too, and I use my 18 every now and then, but noticed that I go faster go 12 or 14, probably due to hacing less mistakes.

I’m using more and more my zero degree unger every day, as a regular squeegee not just for pole work.

I use a 14" and a 6" for residential. I’ll add in the 18" when there are huge sliding glass doors on decks.

I don’t pole residential, except for exterior for which I use WFP.

I’m mostly commercial, I use a 22’’ and a 10’’. The 10" rarely gets used.

I use any size of squeegee for residential, depends on the style of windows. I even have a 2 inch channel (maybe smaller) for one house that I do.

Try this when fanning, keep your eye trained on the leading end of your squeegee. This way, when you get to the end of the window, and near the frame, you can change course. The tricky part is learning that the leading end of the squeegee changes, and training your eye to stay on it. You’ll soon get very familiar with the squeegee length by doing this.

I was thinking of cutting my 18" by 1 inch down at the time and trying it out but i couldnt find the saw so i gave up

14" is getting too small for me

lol no more notching
practice huh? it sounds like i need to start lifting weights that focus on my wrist and forearm

ried in the back of the truck when I feel like a change.
I never tried a zero degree. I’ll have to buy one. Whats a good size to try first. 12 or 14" ???

I’ll try that, i think its just too heavy and keeping the 1" over the wet becomes difficult and it seams to drag on a dry glass

Jet City,

How is the pulex working out?, i went through ettore, and decided i need more squeegee space now i have unger and decided that i don’t need the razor space because the razor stays soaked and i forget about it and it gets rusty
plus the water from the mop gets into the space for squeegees not that it matters that they are wet but i like them less wet, so my next investment will be pulex

for commercial i use mainly my 30 inch and 18 inch.

for residential i use the 18 as much as possible, and a 10 inch and 6 inch

Residential – 18, 14, and 6.

Storefront – 22, 18, and 6.

Stopped by the new Supply location (Moved from Livermore to Tracy) today to say hi to Tom and Shonda and picked up an Unger ErgoTec 0° handle (among other items.)

18 and 10 and a belt

I use a 12" and 18" but rarely carry the 18 unless I have a ton of sliding doors.

To add to the topic what size scrubber, soaker, wet bar, t-bar (whatever you want to call it) do you use?

I am stuck with a 14" for res and a 22" for commercial.

ditto, sometimes a 22 on the one storefront I do

I carry 6", 8", 12", and 18" channels. I also have a 1-2ft pole attached to my belt for extra reach. When I first started cleaning windows and wanted a little longer pole I made a sling that would hold a 2-4ft pole. It was more trouble than help so it just takes up space in the cupboard now.

You should order the unger zero degree along with different sizes ergotec channels, so you can change them at your convenience

Or just get the Contour handle.:wink:

I made a 1-2’ Unger Optiloc, and carry it in a loop on my ErgoTec pouch when necessary.

Residential – 14, with the occasional 10 or 6

Storefront – 22 and 18

I use a 18" and 6". My wife uses a 14".

12" and a 6" for residential 99% of the time. 18" on commercial offices.

Buy 2 quick release handles and a few more channels. It sounds like most of us use anywhere from 12-22 inch channels on Residential and Commercial. With the quick release handles it is easy to switch to the size that suites you best.

On store fronts I use 18" 12" and a 5"