What's your worst employee story?

First off, employee’s suck. Well most of them do. What’s the worst horror story you have had with an employee?

We use to give a long Forth of July holiday, and we gave summer bonuses. after giving bonuses, my family and I went on vacation. A few days later i got a phone call from one of my employee’s fiance’ saying she is parked behind my truck on the other side of town. I said, no my truck is locked up at the shop. She said, how do you think I got your number. Crap…Now I know he was a recovering addict, but he was sober for a few years. Well the bonus, and time off was a bit much for him and he spent it all on drugs. His fiance’ had kicked him out of the house and he stole my work truck to go stay with his dealer. I had to call a towing company to have my truck repo’d back from him.

Can you beat that?


Oh man…

What’s that saying…

…the devil makes work for idle hands.

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one of the worst iv had is Harry Huggins . no conscience whatsoever

asked me for a sub only a few days after getting a big inheritance “because he didnt want to dip into it”

then i get a text “wont be in today iv got good positioning” predictive text for FOOD POISONING

Harry couldnt read ,And he hadnt got food poisoning,just fancied a day off

Bye Harry

I know @DaveYogi has a story or two about employees …

And i seem to remember @Kyle having a gem involving partial nudity. :joy:

That was @DaveYogi lol


It’s not customary for guys to strip naked after being fired?


If someone is going to snap, I’d prefer they strip naked. That way you know they’re not armed.


I know this question was asked not long ago. In that post, another window cleaner told a story about a guy he had just hired. Him and the newly hired employee were on a lift. The new employee kept asking him if he was going to get paid that day (Friday). Then he invites his boss to a speed balling party. From what he said this is a party where they shoot up cocaine & heroin. Crazy!

I wish I could remember who posted that. That is one crazy story!

Disagree. Having a successful crew starts with the mindset and culture you create. Have I had bad employee experiences? Sure. Do I get frustrated with my best crew leaders at times? Yes. But I understand that with the group of guys I have employed under me, I could not accomplish what I set out to do every day and have achieved what success I have for my own without them. That’s why I actively show them daily that I care and that I am trying to create a win-win situation at our company for me and them.
In my experience, successful business owners are the ones that know how to properly delegate to employees… below average owners complain about their employees and have no solutions to offer.


@Jersey I’m happy to hear you are back on the air!


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