When do you start your spring time marketing?

I know Chris said he was starting i think on the new WCRN video. When do you start?

I do my marketing now, because we are on the commercial side of the business and this is the only time I can get to it. On the residence side I would start first week of March, and offer a little discount to entice them to do it early. The best marketing is a warm, sunny day.

If I’ve been listening to Kevin, Chris, and CFP marketing for spring should be under way now.

This is a big mistake I think people make in business. Advertsing and Marketing is not instantaneous. Yes because of our business and especially spring and fall there is a need residentially, so we get lucky and get those instant sales.

However, the marketing you do today probably effects sales 3-6 months down the line not so much the month your in. Alot of people send out flyers or do doorhangers or even a radio blitz and get little to no results and quit. KEEP DOING IT!!! Most marketing guru’s will tell you it takes three hits by an advertisment before a person will take action. So when you drop those flyers or mailers to 500 people when are you going to drop them again?

If you want business in March you better be marketing right now. Actually you should of never stopped.

good advice, thanks Mike

I agree with Mike 100%. If you haven’t already started, start now and never stop. Keep putting your name out there. The more it is seen or heard the more it is recognized & remembered.

Names sell nothing. The more our name is out there means nothing.

It is not about us, it’s about them. If our advertising is revealed in such a way; sales will be a lot less than we could acheive.

Nobody cares about our company and it amazes me how we think that is the be-all-end-all.

If I received two flyers on my door from two different window cleaning companies. With one company I have been receiving flyers from for over a year and the other was the first I ever heard of, I would think "I have heard of this company before and I know they have been around a while vs the other company that I just now heard of. I would go with the one that I have heard of before and I know has been around a while. Thats name recognition.

There is an electic company here in Dallas (Milestone Electric) that has 5+ identical commercials on during both the morning and evening news. They don’t offer a discount on their services. They are just getting their name infront of the people. If I ever needed an electic service I would think of Milestone because their name has been embedded in my mind.

No, it’s not the be-all-end-all, but it is a big plus.

Its not the end all but it does matter. You have to perform that is correct. But people for some reason like to do business with those they know. How does Downy or Budweiser or Folgers get people to know them they keep their name in front of people constantly sometimes with catchy jingles or fuuny videos.

People also like to do business with people that appear successful. Whether they are or not is unimportant.

Branding your business is very important.

If I seen two fliers in front of me, first I would have to be debating getting the service. What the offer is and why I should call at all likely will play a HUGE role. Do you really believe that if they somehow remember your little flier (which they wont anyway) that is why they will call? I hope not. People see 2000-3000 ads per day, you are going to stand out cause why? They will remember us why? Did they purchase everything they did that day form the advertisers they seen the most? How do you know?

that’s just silly

Nobody on this forum can brand themselves on a tiny budget using fliers and postcards. Please do not bring up brand names that have been around decades and have spent 100s of millions to get you to remember them.

Facts are all that matters in business.

If you saw Miller next to Bud what would you choose? Why would you choose it?.. funny how the micro brews have snuck up on the sleeping giants :wink:

Read any book on marketing to confirm what I am saying, don’t take my word for it.

Then again, it’s not my business.

I’m marketing now. 8-9 months out of the year I do direct mail. During January and February we market with flyers. I’m able to get more out cheaper which helps the ROI somewhat.

I dont have to spend millions I have a much smaller geographic to deal with and will I brand with flyers alone of course not. Its tade shows, ads, direct mail, etc etc that brands.

Miller next to Bud becomes a choice of taste. But put Bud up against a no name at the same price and see what happens.

I have read many marketing books but more importantly I have spend the last 20 years doing some of these things and have built several successful businesses out of it.

By the way how do you market your business?

How much do you need to spend to brand yourself? What is your current brand awareness? Your target market is at trade shows? how many and which ones? They remember your direct mail? How many times per year do they get a mailer from you? How do you know it is working? If I say window cleaning to your target areas, how many would mention your company?

I market my business as smartly as I can. Branding is elusive and usually unattainable.

oops, to answer the question of this thread: I used to start early (Feb-March) with spring marketing, but because of our massively unstable weather I wait until late March, early April. I did a mailing last year that mailed on April 1st followed by a blizzard and a week of sub zero windchill. It tanked

I do market, just not the “spring” offers.

How much do you need to spend to brand yourself? Consistency and many years. Each market is different and number of competitors is diferrent as well. When I started in Bloomington I had 5 guys I needed to out brand. You may have 20 so the number will be different.

What is your current brand awareness? I know our branding efforts have worked over the years because we are known and respected in the community. The big guys in our town calls us when bids need done without us going to see them. Our name gets mentioned at State Farm the largest employer here in Mclean County. People have a general awareness about us.

Your target market is at trade shows? how many and which ones?
Trade shows no Home shows yes. I mistyped:) We see around 15,000 people in Mclean County at our home show each year and absolutely they are potential clients and even if there not I want them to know who we are. Because they may know someone that is.

They remember your direct mail? No they do not, however they do start remembering the name if its put out in front of them enough. This is the reason you have to continually hit them because they dont remeber what they had for Breakfast.

How many times per year do they get a mailer from you? Current clients get a mailer 12 times a year and a phone call twice.

How do you know it is working? It is true I dont have a marketing report to base my success off of however I try and come up with what I call a penetration report. This is of the market share how much am I getting. We have a population of 120,000 people. How many of those people will actually buy our services? We dont know. So the first year in business what I gauged success on, was I wanted $1.00 per person population wise. I then worked up from there. I know that my efforts are working because I am attaining my goals.

If I say window cleaning to your target areas, how many would mention your company? Many of them. Look I dont think for a minute that our company has the brand recognition that Miller Lite does. However the concept they are using I feel applies. Even at a small level. Do we still have work to do? This email is signed IL not Hawaii. :slight_smile:

It is elusive in the fact that most consider it expensive. It doesnt have to be much of it we already do with logo’s on shirts, trucks, underwear, everything. Our marketing needs to be consistent and out there so people have a chance to know us. Everyone can attain this. I may be able to spend more than someone else but grassroots marketing door-to door, flyers, rock and baggie, are all cheap and can be done. Because its elusive at least in thought is a good reason to do it. Because that mind set is also the mind set of your competitor and he will probably think he cant do it.

It is unattainable. The example of Miller Lite. Will they ever have everyone on the planet drinking Miller Lite. Never. But they continue to market to there customers and potential customers. I try and do the same.

Where are you at?

We have some of the same issues. We offer several services so I try and space them out so that the inside offerings land in those months where weather can be either way. I usually dont go for window cleaning until April and I dont market window cleaning anything after October.

Thanks for the answers, there are many clarity and presumption issues but well thought out.

I “outbrand” my competition by getting more customers. I do not wait and let a possible perception control my future. I have passed out fliers in an area that I have never been in before and had a 2% response. They get hit by more fliers than you can imagine, from every service.

I made an immediate impact. I make sure the customers are satisfied and maintain communications (protecting my list from predators)

How can I continually hit new areas and take a bite out of bigger competitors who are marketing heavily there? I can brand myself much easier if I have a dozen customers in a neighborhood. I don’t wait for anything and ALL of my ads are salesmen for my company. If I send out 10,000 fliers, that is 10,000 salesmen, not PR reps.

It is kind of the “build it and they will come”. That does not work.

How many people in my target area think of my company when they think of window cleaning? I have no idea. I do have great response and very little attrition.

While the other guys are shoving their names down throats I am going to the bank and quietly building a nice customer list.

All that aside, I am all for a universal look with trucks, shirts, cards, website. No doubt there should be a look that presents a good and memorable impression. I just like to make sure the overall message of the company is solid.


I know that some companies start getting their spring stuff out in Feb and early March. People here like to wait to know when spring will be here. It could be beautiful in March all the way to October, or like last year an absolute nightmare.

I actually do better with a pre-spring offer.

Did I mention I hate working in the cold…

I agree with your statements. I didnt start out branding I started getting business. I think you do get to a place though where branding returns the same as direct sales. I dont think we are that different in our philosophy.

One thing is for sure and you touched on it. You will as a company have to back up all advertising, branding, whatever with customer satisfaction and quality work. If you dont you can spend 1 million dollars in advertising and it wont return.