When does PWing slow down for the year?

When does pressure washing (house washing) usually slow down for the year? I’m in Missouri and it’s starting to get close to freezing at night and between 40 and 50 during the day. Is it ok to leave my pressure washer outside during the evening if it dips down to 32 degrees for an hour or so? I have a mounted unit so it would be a pain in the a** to un-mount it right now.

Well the chems don’t work that well in cooler weather. As far as leaving it outside flush all the water out of it and run antifreeze through the pump HD or Lowes sells it with threads on the cap so you can attach it to the pump

Kurt we usually pull the plug around the 15th of November. But if it starts to get cold @ Night we start bringing them into the shop. Im scared of the pump cracking.

Depends on the weather of course, but usually I don’t book any more work after October. No need to risk it. I have a couple pw’ing jobs left and one roof job and then it’s all windows and gutters baby.

I should also note that the nights have been getting near freezing here too - so I just put a small electric heater in the back of the van and truck to keep things warm until I winterize them for good.

What do you do to winterize them Shawn?

Good question, I was wondering the same… havent been able to call that place kurt, but i’ll keep you informed! Thad informed me of a chemical supplier about 75 miles away from me so that might be even better, if i can get it from them that is…

I check and change the oil in the pump and motor, then drain all of the hose with my air compressor. To winterize the pump just take some good car anti freeze (the green stuff) make sure you mix it as recommended. Oh but first pull the motor over a few times with the switch turned to OFF. This will pump out excess water out of the pump. Then I just rigged up a a stiff tube to the end of a 90 degree plastic elbow that screws into the garden inlet of the pw’er. The tube is maybe a foot or two long. Fille the upright plastic tube with antifreeze and pull the motor over a few times until antifreeze comes out. Really quick and simple to do. I do believe that if you have a belt driven pump, you could put a chunk of garden hose on - a short one - and stick it in a bucket with antifreeze and it should draw the liquid into it. But the pump doesn’t take much antifreeze - maybe half a gallon at most?

Winter? Luckily we don’t have one of those here in San Diego

Use the gazillion below zero windshield fluid

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The requests for House Washes have slowed down this month although we have booked a few for spring of 2012. Still getting a few requests for driveways, walkways and patios.

This is my biggest month of the year for house washes. Mold from the humid summer…we’re taking care of it now.


I love it. Our avg ticket in October is about $675, vs. $310 annual avg.

Balances out in the spring where we do a lot of outside only windows for RRR customers who want pollen removed, but are migrating to cooler climates over the summer months.

Buy some RV antifreeze. It’s much cheaper

The problem is that it’s loved by dogs and other animals. They actually like drinking it. So be very careful containing it. Not that windshield fluid isn’t poison but they are not attracted to it’s sweet taste.

You can use air compressor to blow the lines dry. This is my preferred method but you cannot obviously do this from job to job if needed. Only for longer term storage.

We use pet pads from petsmart, when we are in high country they have worked fine with a tarp.

You can use a 100watt bulb for or 500 watt if your in a pinch and can’t clear line or get caught without anti freeze.

Again be vary careful if you have pets. They love the stuff.

Blowing lines preferred for long term storage. Less wear on pump because water itself corrodes.

Windshield fluid second ( properly dispose)

Heating blanket or pet pad if caught in a spot with no fluids.

100 or 500 watt lamp

Anti freeze dead last only because I have had friends pets die. One buddy it only took a second and his hound was licking it up from a puddle. The other buddie left the five in the back yard to reuse and when he came home the dog was sick. Died the next day.

Just FYI , use it safely

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When using a bulb make sure it can touch bare metal if possible so the heat conducts on the steel to prevent freezing. Same principal diesel heating blocks use. It works for non believers. Not in real extreme below zero and wind chill will always be a factor.

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The only problem with RV antifreeze is that is DOES freeze - it slushes up. In northern Alabama it might be alright, but not up here.

I’m telling ya try the 400 below wiper stuff. Not cheap but if you brain fart no chance for a dead animal. Also anti freeze has a ground water contaminator chemical in it.

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