When is the next clean?

If i do a customers house let say monday 4/17/10 when would I try to book her/him again for there next window clean job???:confused:

Depends on the customer – each has different needs or requirements.

Many are yearly or semiannual. Some value year-round clean windows, so quarterly may be the best interval.

In the UK, conditions are such that WC’ers have monthly rounds for residential service.

The point is to find out.

Better get a new calendar before you book them because Monday is not 4/17/10:D

I sell many on 6 weeks exterior maintenance cleans, the clients that were quarterly are usually the easiest to convert because they get a discount for going that route. Most everyone else that is going to want the windows cleaned on a routine will choose a fall cleaning, and they usually tell me, I don’t have to ask which month. So if your selling, I would offer the maintenance clean at the end of the conversation, but I never ask them “When can I come back?”