When it rains I can see water build up at the lines where my squeegee

I did some big picture windows recently and they looked perfect. Then two days later it rained and when it’s raining the squeegee lines appear and hold water. I have never seen this in my 10tears of cleaning. Any one know what this could be? Any help is appreciated.

What soap are you using?

I was using dawn because I ran out of my squeegee off. But other windows did not do this. Only a couple picture windows.

It was sunny too.

Ain’t nothing wrong with Dawn. However, get some Ecover and GG4 or 3 (I like to mix them equal).
Both sold here.

The problem is that this is happening on those windows even though I’ve rev leaned them so its something on the glass I think. It’s very weird.

Maybe some greasy residue on the glass that you weren’t aware of?

Not sure what the deal is but I truly doubt that it has anything to do with Dawn.

Could have been. Do you think bio clean would do the job?

I doubt it also. We live across from a huge industrial area. Do you think it could have been pollutants from the chemical plants?

Sometimes silicone streaks/smears will do this. You can’t see it until there is water present

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It’s just odd that some did this and others didn’t. I don’t think it’s silicone but you just gave me an idea of trying to use mr clean magic eraser. So if it is silicone that would work.

I haven’t tried the eraser yet

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It’s the best for silicone rubs off no problem. Saves tons of time.