When we cant be a evil tyrant anymore, be a window cleaner

uy that you would not want to tick off!
If I tried to stiff him, he would probaly just drop kick me with his steel boots:)

Oh, is it that time already?

It is a good likeness though

oduct. I used one on a job in Orlando with an associate. I still don’t own one

I like them for commercial work. I want to get some slayers soon though. I bought a majority of my tools before I had known about WCR. Now I wish I dealt with WCR directly but just waiting until I get some decent cash. Then I will be making a call to Chris for a decent size order;)

I like Mr. you know who and think he invented some cool stuff. I just wish their wasn’t so much jealousy between him and Chris and Alex. And that’s all I think it is.

I loved the pic Josh! I never knew Max Von Sydow had a twin brother.
By the way I loved the movie.

For commercial work the Sorbs or Slayer squeegees are AWESOME!

I used to use them on residential… for years!

Once I tried some of the new bad@ss light squeegees out there
now… I packed the big guys away.

Now I am like “did I used to use that thing for double-hungs?”


y ledger almost everyday. The likeness in remarkable. I hope he has a sense of humor.

I’ve chatted with him… he doesn’t

What really ticks me off is I have that horrid Queen song
from the movie stuck in my skull…

What do you mean Paul? That a classic rock opera.

Flash Gordon is definitely not one of my favorite Queen songs.

+1 Since sorbs have big handles and come in big lengths they work great on large panes of glass in commercial work.

I also like how on straight pulls that the water isn’t trapped and you won’t have big ugly streaks.

I can’t wait to try out the slayer. I had alot of my squeegees stolen so I need new ones.

For residential you just can’t beat the feel of an ettore with rubber grip handle. I usually will never go more than an 18" for residential work. I really like

fanning the windows with a smaller squeegee.

It’s a great theme song, though, compared to the typical movie theme song.
“The Hero” (last track on the soundtrack) is a great Queen song.

YouTube - Queen - The Hero (Movie Version)

Ornella Muti AKA “Princess Aura” One word boys, Hot! No, two words, Smokin’ Hott!

♫Flash a-ah!!! Savior of the Universe♫

I found Sörbo interesting when we spoke in Reno.

Isn’t that a razor holster on his right thigh, but with a swivel handle? Does he make a swivel razor? Or is he using it as a holster for a small channel?

Isn’t the slayer channel discontinued?

No. It has been sold to someone else but still is available thru WCR.

He mentioned an improved swivel razor in Reno; stainless steel, I believe. Should be out about now…