When you have a free night

When you have a free night or a spare 5 hours meaning you are caught up on all clerical issues.

How do you spend it efficiently. Meaning towards the growth of your business aside from family and other fun activities.

Or list your top three things you normally do in order of importance.

Im typically always working on one big “project” and a few peripheral projects that may or may not support the main project. I know its been productive if I can take a big chunk out of my main project… I feel productive if I [B]havent[/B] fiddled around with - email, facebook, tech crunch, seo book, flpboard, and pulse - just straight up killing chunks of time out of the project with out getting distracted by all the other noise…

If I can work with out getting distracted I know Ive been productive.

Oh, to be 22 again with 5 spare hours…

Looking back, I wish I had documented all my systems, instead of keeping it all in my head. Just recently I hired an office admin that is helping out in a huge way. She is not only organizing the mess I have created over the years, but she is also starting to extract all those systems from my head and documenting them.

I believe that organizing now will greatly help in the ease and efficiency of your growth rate.

I’m pretty orginized. I made a habit very early in the game to force myself to be that way when it comes to the back office. My mom also runs most of the back office but once I get off the phone with her and we are in sync with paperwork, employee pay, bills etc. I’m pretty much done. So my time is pretty free because of the orginization. I spend a good part of my time either designing advertising, coming up with ad copy and looking over advertising rates for things I’m interested in. Takes more then 5 hours most of the time. But if I’m not doing that I’ll drink a beer/jack and coke and watch some tv or pay a video game. I’ll download a movie for the wife and I. I’ll look up some fishing reports and decide when I can hit the water (which ends up not happening now). Recently with my military crap I have been reviewing a ton of my military paperwork to make sure it’s all in line. I have decided to re-enlist next year. I always told myself that if I did over 10 years I would finish out the 20 and because of this last activation I will have 11/12 years in. So after talking with the wife I’m going to finish it up and get a check till the day I die.

What have you got lined up to fill the void?

I have some catching up at The Shore to do. :wink:

Looking at moving my entier business to my phone. EVERYTHING. Email all calls, accounting, videos, pictures, estimating forms, order forms, banking, bills, shedualing, If I can get the thing to sleep with me (I think they have a phone that does that know) I can get rid of the drama chicks. I spend so much time away from the shop and office and constantly on the go if I can master this I may never have to go home. My time is so valuable if I can take the small wasted segments of minutes in a day and make them productive I may actually have time for myself