Where are all the brits and aussies?


After so many brits and aussies joined WCR I thought there would be a lot of posting from them. However with the notable exception of the Wagtail guy and Adrian there has been a lot of silence from you guys.

Post guys!

We want to hear from you…


I’m listening & posting. Perhaps the grey weather over there has affected their outlook?

Maybe they don’t understand your accent? :smiley:

I’m a bit disappointed too that so many joined and few post.

There’s Cleaner Marketing too - He’s a Brit.

Was it Karlosdaze that said…“You can lead a horse to water…”

Cor a welcome section :eek:, never seen it before as I usually only go st to waterfed on the 12 forums I am on.
Thanks for the welcome Mike :slight_smile:

hey what about the Irish,

we clean window here too,

any of you guys looking for a free website for your biz have a look at


its free and it helps you with a web presents if you have none,

hope that this helps one or more of you,


Rep Of Ireland


And thanks for the welcome, I do post a little on other forums :rolleyes: I will post a little more on here.

And have to say the vids on resin “as sad as I am” are very interesting


[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Yeah I’m here too!!

The only advantage of window cleaning in Ireland is - You don’t have to carry as much water, the rain keeps filling the bucket!!

You do have to keep emptying it tho’ :D[/FONT]

Heh, I thought you sang about the never the “beer.glass that never empties?”

Can’t speak for the Ozzy’s but us ‘brit’s’ (capital B by the way), are fiercely proud of our Countries, I myself am English…and I’m here, what would you like to know ?

I’d like to know when they stop whinging - I won’t hold my breath :smiley:

I here now as well so things are picking up… lol

I think most of us brits are over here in the U,S,A, and canada. less health and safety officers per square foot here

Good old queen and country chat. Hey Erris didn’t know the Irish had windows ha ha

I wish Americans would have their windows done as often as we Brits do in England dirty bas%ta$%! Damn I could retired in 3 years with the size of homes here in the US if they had them done every fortnight like us. I think the problem with us Brits not putting up a lot of posts is we are a shy bunch :slight_smile:

Personally I like to see more input from you Brit guys and girls too lazy cu$%s so get posting… after all having most Americans clean their windows more than once a year is like pulling teeth!!

i am still here. hope you are all getting on well with your wfp equipment, i always like to look around all the forums looking for new developments, i will start to come on a few times a week, keep up the good work guys