Where can I get a flow controller?

I heard wcr is going to stock some at some point, but i don’t want to wait if i don’t have to. for you guys who use them, where are you getting them? what brands/features should i look for?

We will have the good Spring Europe ones in, in about 2 weeks.

any idea on pricing chris?

We don’t have the pricing completely hammered down yet but they will be around the $150 or so.

We will also be offering a pump box with a controller as well.

^nice, i’ll be on the lookout. thanks.


Perry said the following in another thread:

I assume that WCR will be selling it, too, when it comes out in May. Anything you can share with us at this point about this? It’s intriguing that he said “unique style”. Make me curious… Should I wait until then?

Seems like the current and future options are:

  1. The current RHG offering with 50 or 100 gallon tanks, flow controller, 12V pump, and battery box, all framed together.
  2. New Spring (Europe) flow controller in a couple of weeks.
  3. WCR offering a pump box with flow controller.
  4. Perry’s new tank/pump/controller offering in May.

Any other option beside these in the next few months? Thanks.

Don’t forget the Brodex systems :slight_smile:

You mean the [B][I][U]Brodex E Trolley Plus[/U][/I][/B]? I don’t see WCR carry it anymore, but yes, that’s definitely another option here.

The Brodex E Compact 250DI has a DI tank for filtering so it doesn’t fit into this list.

Are they in yet [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION]

Should be this week @ some point.