Where do you find good employees?

Hi Everyone,

I’m not sure if this is the apropriate place to post this, but here goes.

I’ve been going through one employee after another, and they all last for just a few weeks before quitting or fired. It is so hard to find reliable, hard-working, guys who really want a job. I’ve been hiring through Craigslist with poor results. Do you guys have any tips for me on where to find good hires?

Brian Anderson
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Have you considered that maybe the employees aren’t the problem?

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So your saying “Where Can I Find A Great Employer”?

I think that finding good employees is a huge stumbling block for all small businesses looking to grow. It’s amazing the things people think are acceptable as employees. We have had a little better quality leads come from indeed.com. It cost more than Craigslist but the people on there looking for jobs seem more qualified. If you find anything else, I’m sure many of us will love to hear it. Good luck.

Have you asked them what the problem is?

how to find good employees is the million dollar question and I wish I had the answer

If any of us knew where to find the best employees… we might not share that information.

Craigslist has been good for me (you have to filter out about 20 applicants before you find someone you want to interview but…).

There’s also snagajob.com that many people have used.

Just be really specific in your ad for what you’re looking for. If they have to drive their own vehicles, put that in there. If they have to climb 40’ ladders, put that in there. What they can expect to earn, put that in there even if it’s a commission range (“$8 to $20/hr based on performance”). If they need to wear kilts, put that in there. The more details you put in there, the more it’ll filter out bad candidates.

Have you talked to the ones who have walked on you? Do they just not like the work? Pay? Hours?

Ive found printing up a flyer and visiting local community colleges and smaller universities is a great way to generate good employee leads

I contacted the university in my area through their student services. The put ads in their student paper and an on line thing that all the students have access to. Good idea but lots of students oh home for summer and are only available part time in spring and fall

Phil, you hit it on the head.

I did not mention that most of the guys we have found using this method are “part time”. The beautiful thing for guys in need of someone in the busy season is that these college guys are totally available for what we need them, spring and fall.

Ive found these college guys are a lot better then your average guy generated by a Craigslist ad.

This college flyer system is definitely best when trying to find seasonal guys/girls

Some Craigslist replies to jobs are priceless. I did a quick look through some replies to our job posts, copied and pasted them below. These are not my typos, this is how they came in:

-work I can do is about an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

-house phone cut off please call cell

-. Im 25 years old and past that immature Shit that I’m sure you’ve dealt with before.

-skill set is average

-I will consider $25.00 dollars an hour

-. I have pressured washed a lot at my own home

-I have done some pressure washing for a side job before down know a lot about but a little im 20 u can give me a call

I’m not even sure what that last one is supposed to mean.


send them an application to fill out and then you will be in for a good laugh

Go to your Local Firehouse, they usually have 4 things in common,

  1. They all work Part Time Jobs,
  2. They usually are in Good Shape
    3), They generally arent afraid of Heights
  3. They are generally used to Hard Work.


Then they start their own companies. Oh well, it’s good for the economy.

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Great employees, in my experience, have personal issues that do not allow them the time to create their own money.
Cleaning glass isnt for everyone and I believe that is why you have a job! :slight_smile:

Do any other employee’s start their own companies after being trained? Sure, Just try to have something in place to persuade them not to, also treat them in such a way that they want to stay with your company. If we are scared that our employee’s will start their own companies then you’ll never grow your own business.

Remember, if someone is a great worker, highly motivated, self starter, etc., they are probably going to do something on their own one day anyway.

My .02 cents


I have seen that to.

Well, when I started out I used my expertise and youth to own my own job. I was so good at the high work that I could earn 10k per month pushing a squeegee just four hours a day. Instead of having payroll I helped my best guy become a sole proprietor so that I could pay him more money. He and I did work together until he grew larger and got too busy. I repeated that process with three other guys. Now that I’m older I need someone to take my place. I think it takes three full time employees to make the same amount of money I could make just working alone.
I’m learning how to be an employer not by choice but because I have to. I’ll take your advice. You are right about growing. I guess I never put my mind to it. That was helpful, thanks.

they say you have to go thru 10 so-so workers before you find a good one and thats what happened to me. what helps is if you can find somebody who just cannot get a job ,somebody drifting at least 6 months , they are then very appreciative that you are giving them the break they crave . the younger the better 16-18 yrs old

something iv learned is you have to make it clear at the outset to a new employee just what their duties are and whats not . for example are they expected to deal with customers or not? , just clean windows or can they chat with passers by too while working .

Hey Buddy, no problem, alot of us are in the same Boat. When I got my knee operated on 3 years ago, the Doc messed up and put me out of commission for good!

If I go up and down a ladder twice in one day. my knee is messed up for a week. I cant run, jumprope, go up stairs well, ladder work, none of that anymore. But, before that happened, I built a business with good employees, so when I got messed up, it didnt change my income one penny. I didnt work for about 9 month, (crutches for 5 months, and a cane for 4 month), but I ran the business and everything went along great.

The point I’m making is, if you want to make more and grow, you have to have employee’s, we cant do it all. Get that going and then you’ll have a business, and not a job.

Hey, I’ve got faith in you, you already stepped out and started something on your own, instead of just working for someone, so just amp it up to the next step, and get a few other guys slinging the squeegee for you.