Where do you get door hangers at a good price in Australia?

I’ve gotten several different quotes for prices here and they all start at a minimum of $450 for 500, $550 for 1000 etc.

Vistaprint in Australia doesn’t do them whereas US Vistaprint does which is a bummer.

I’m starting to think that it might even be cheaper to order in the US, hire a parcel/freight forwarding company and get it shipped to Brisbane!

Any fellow Aus or NZ folk that have experience with getting door hangers printed? Would definitely appreciate your wisdom and help!

The reason is that in Australia you can freely post flyers in mail boxes and to use door hangars on homes here is frowned upon due to you have to trespass on to their property, unless your city living and targeting apartments, but even stiff they are very very uncommon here.

Is there any reason in particular you want door hangars over flyers/postcards or something you can just stick into the mail box.

I figured door hangers would be more effective than having flyers getting lost with all the other junk mail that is shoved into the letter boxes. That and also the fact that door hangers being uncommon would make advertising stand out in a far more effective manner.

Here in Australia some householders have no door to door stickers slapped on their front door so if I encounter such houses then I’ll definitely leave flyers in the letter box instead. I just want to cover as many avenues as possible.