Where do you put them at the house?

I have read in many places how effective fliers can be and how easy they are to put out but where do they go? I can’t just stick them in the mail box.

There may be a separete box for news papers, or you can ring the doorbell, introduce yourself and your service’s and take it from there. Good Luck

Careful with the mailbox. That’s the domain of the Postmaster General/Federal Government. It’s technically a felony to put anything in a mailbox if you’re not a postal worker.

But I use door hangers and leave them discreetly on the doorknob when the potential client isn’t home.

I get little sticky tabs and put them right on the door

In my area, the news paper boxes are on the mail box post. It’s ok to put them in the news paper box. If the house does not have a news box then we put them on the door knob. I roll my fliers with a rubber band and attach the rubber band to the boor knob. There are companies that print fliers and door hangers with sticky tape and rubber bands. Adeas Printing has a good selection. Adeas Printing | Door Hangers, Band-It, Stick-It, Mailings and all your printing needs

I do quite a few fliers, half page, rolled up and wrapped with a rubber band, then hang it on the door knob using the rubber band. even in the nicest areas in the city, never had any complaints.

My company puts them into the paper box or we slide them between the flag and mailbox if applicable. We put out 10 minimum for every estimate we do and 10 minimum again for every job we do. Our tracking results prove that it is a very effective means of marketing. Quick, productive and simple method.