Where you at?

Lookin’ for some interesting tweeps to follow on Twitter. What’s your company’s Twitter account?

Whadya mean you don’t have one?! It’s free marketing! Plus it’s a fun way to pass along info and pics, in real time.

We’re here:

From: @LegacyWindowsUT
Sent: Dec 22, 2009 1:33p

We don’t call it “snow.” We call it “job security.”

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On Twitter: Twitter / LegacyWindowCleaning: We don’t call it “snow.” W …

There’s even a neat little tool where you can put your Twitter account right on your web page.

So, where you at?

Somehow, I ended up with two:

wewashwindows & cleanerwindows

Seriously Twitter is awesome! I made up a flier for cleaning roofs aimed to just be passed out to residences. I got to thinking… I should share this on Twitter.

The reason I did this was I have a ton of local real estate agents. So I insert the digital flier with the caption of something like, “Real Estate Agents - This will make you look GREAT!”

In an hour I had 27 views.

It’s just another avenue to quickly and cheaply get your name out there to targeted people.

thanks boys!
I’m “danwagnerwindow”

I found “CleanerWindows,” but not “wewashwindows.”

Great point about Real Estate marketing, an often overlooked area. A couple loyal Real Estate agents can really fill out a schedule. Many times clean windows can be the kicker in a sale. No, really. You’d be surprised just how many times I’ve been told, “That house was on the market for weeks. It sold 24 hours after after we hired you to clean the windows. It just didn’t look clean til then, no matter what we did to it.”

Love the footer quote, btw, Micah. Nice play on “the most interesting man in the world.”

Beauty pics on the website, Dan.

Interesting list of additional services, too. Left you a twit-query.


I cant remember mine. I tried it out for about a week, then I lost interest in it.

Ahhh! I found it. JetCityWindows Duh:)

Haha! Hate when that happens.

Lived up in the Aroma of Tacoma twice, as a kid growin’ up. Saw the meteor of a lifetime in a buddy’s backyard in Olympia on one of those rare clear nights, too. Never forget it, it was huge and glowin’ bright green as it boomed straight over our heads, headed for somewhere in Canada. Woulda been, oh, 30 years ago, now.

Sorry 'bout the Sonics. :frowning:

I just started following y’all


Twitter is amazing.

And it will get more and more powerful and useful as time goes by

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