Where's the WCR nation live?

??? I’m confused???
8pm EST .thursday
wcr nation live right?

Me too

T#C^N!C@L Difficulties… Please hold.

Sorry for the delay.

This may be good for the west coasters…

I’m actually glad you posted on this as I thought maybe my puter was running out of gas.

Hopefully the feed will be active real quick or I’m gonna watch some football.

I watched the band audition as a time filler :smiley:

3…2…1… Live!

Yeah football. I wish I got the NFL network

will the chat be fixed soon?

Help ! the video is live but I can figure out how to join the chat !!!1

I’m trying to chat live thorough the forums here. Please announce my gratitude for all you guys support.

ITs totally disappeared now - I think the timer ran out?

Is it just my computer or did you guys go off line?

they went off air…now there’re back

Did the showw go offline? AAHHHHHHHHHHH

I don;t see them. I have been looking forward to this all day. I hope they can come back on.

show is over boys…

I got to see it come back on in enough time to see Alex say ‘see you all later’ and then it went dead

Sorry guys we have been having massive internet problems. It just kept fading in and out and dropping.

Apologies … it was fun while it lasted… see ya next time