Which customers to offer reoccurring window cleaning?

I just started out and i’m not sure what type of customers would like me to come in on a reoccurring basis.

Would appreciate if someone could answer.

  1. What reoccurring packages do you offer? Twice a week? Every two weeks? Once a month? Once every two months?

  2. What type of buildings usually want reoccurring packages? Residential? Commercial buildings? Any buildings in particular?

  3. Do you reduce your price for reoccurring packages?

Thanks for helping.

There are jobs to be had all across the frequency spectrum.

No hard and fast rules, cause ultimately it depends on the customer, but typically your most frequent jobs are storefronts and restaurants (weekly, bi-weekly and monthly are most common), followed by commercial and residential (typically quarterly, semiannual and annual) then last is po folks residential (people who get the itch to clean up their act every few years or so).

Ideally, you should arrange some kind of recurring work with EVERY customer you can. Unless they are a big pain in the butt, then just smile, collect your check and move on.

Offering discounts for frequent cleaning is up to your discretion in a lot of ways. Don’t feel like you have to. But it can be a good way to drive business and increase your yearly gross.

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It is, to me, a matter of what the customer wants and then how it fits my schedule.
I do residential mostly and I just ask them when they would like to be contacted
about another cleaning. It’s rare, though I do have a few, that a customer of mine will
book a specific date at the time of cleaning.

  1. Weekly, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, every 8 weeks, quarterly. I NEVER offer “monthly” cleans. Every 4 weeks only. No 3 week cleans, no 6 week cleans. It keeps my routes aligned (every 2 weeks, lines up with every 4 weeks, lines up with every 8 weeks, etc)

  2. Storefront and restaurant can be weekly, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. Commercial is usually every 4 or 8 weeks. Residential can be yearly, twice a year or quarterly.

  3. Nope.I might charge extra for an initial clean if it’s seriously jacked up, but I don’t discount the service.


I’ve done this where I add 20% to what my normal bid would be for the initial clean. Then offer a 20% “discount” for recurring quarterly cleans.

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The residential side i have a few that have there windows cleaned monthly, one that has one section of the house done every 2 weeks. Just depend on the client and what they want. I usually mention to them that they can have their favorite viewing windows done once a month for x amount… some do it some don’t…usually the upper income bracket are more willing to do it more often.