Which domain name to advertise with?

Which domain name would seem more attractive/memorable/gives
incentive/credibility (or something im completely missing) For my post cards/fliers

MydirtyWindow. com
Lancaster County Window Cleaning - Mr Windows Cleaning Services- 717-330-5386 - Lancaster Pa Window Cleaning

LancasterWindowCleaner. com
Lancaster PA Window Cleaning - Mr Windows Cleaning Services - 717-330-5386

For an offline ad (flier, postcard, YP) I would use #1

For all online ads #2

reasoning - …

Wow Paul, youre up early! I dont remember seeing you post this early in the morning…is it raining where you are?

Ease for the print stuff. Shorter and easier wins
every time.

For online links- SEO power

Ha, I have not slept past 5:30am on a weekday in years.

I do sleep in to about 6 on weekends… I also go to bed at 10 :rolleyes: