Which logo do YOU like?

[B]Already picked, thanks for the input[/B]

Hi everyone,
Over the next week I’ll be getting all my logo design ideas and will have to pick one. Wanted to see what you guys thought…

When it’s over I’ll post up a link to where I got these designed at. Great work so far.

I like the second to the last one…

So far I like the middle one of the second row of the 6 on one file

My second favorite is the last one but with the colors from the second to last one.

I like the first one.

I like the first one DW

I like the last one

i say the last one

I like the 4th one. I think the tool in the first one looks more like a scraper.

2nd one for me.

Look for something that can be economically reproduced in all your marketing stuff, which is everything that you use with a logo. Uniforms, invoice, vehicle, etc etc. If you go with gradients instead of solid colors all your lettering on truck and tshirts has to be printed or using more colors to get those shades. If you pick solid colors you can use vinyl for most of it, making it cheaper and easier to find locally.

I like the first one and the last one.

I like the last 2

I like the 2nd one.

The last one, also.

i like the first one (like the “s” in the glass) and the last one, i agree w/the color change too on the last one

I like #2

#1, 2, or 5

Wow thanks for all the input guys.

The point about solid colors vs gradient is a good one… will keep it in mind when deciding. 8 days left in the contest; I used Logo Design Contests

Here’s the last one with a color change; my favorite…

I like #4

Thats the best one. Nice big name…

I think you nailed it, with this one.