Which pump should I buy

Hey Y’all,
Was working on my DIY van mount today, I have a 100 gallon container installed, I was wondering What Pump I should use.
I’d like it to be 12 volt, since I’m gonna use a battery to power it for now, any thoughts, comments, or suggestions are welcome.


This for WFP or a roof cleaning pump? If it’s WFP @johnedwardlee[/U] will be the person to talk to. If it’s for roof cleaning, hopefully @[U][URL=“http://windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/member.php?u=803”]Thad will chime in.

I need the pump for a WFP

Buy a 12v Delevan or shurflo. Both hook up the same to a flow controller, have pressure switches and cost around $100. I use Delevans because I get them locally at tractor supply store.

Thanks Brennon,
I have a Tractor Supply in town, so I will definately look there. Now I do already have a Hi flo 35 psi 12 v pump from tractor supply. For my new set up, I’d like to run about 280 ft of 5/16" hose, I’m also looking into a 260 gpm at 50 psi pump, any suggestions as to whether this pump will work or not. Also, Brennon if you could specify which pump specically you have from tractor supply.

Thanks Y’all

I picked one up from the store here and I have 150’ of 3/8 hose and another 75’ of WFP hose and it works great! Cost was 189.00 it should do ya fine.
Found a similar pump at northern tool.
SHURflo On-Demand Diaphragm Pump — 1.8 GPM, 60 PSI, 12 Volt, Model# 8009-543-236 | Sprayer Pumps | Northern Tool + EquipmentYa cant beat that price!!

I think it’s a 2 gpm 60 psi pump. Delevan is a great pump. They are in the chemical sprayer section. I wouldn’t use so much 5/16" hose. Use some 3/8" & Less 5/16.

thnx again,
concerning 5/16" hose, why should I use more 3/8", If you can explain I’m all ears.