Which to use

i am getting ready to start my buisness back up and was wondering which has the best residential success rate, door hangers or mailing post cards. any input you can give would be helpful. thanks in advance

Both. I will do a mailer and then walk the neighborhood with fliers

Did my first ever batch of 120 doorhangers on Thursday. Took me an hour to hang. 5 calls / 5 converts… so far.

So, yeah, DOORHANGERS!!!

weird you got that many calls i just passed out 1000 flyers and got 1 call i dont know what the deal is

Even when you’re new don’t limit yourself to one method. Do flyers, door hangers, mailers, website, etc.
At first I’d go w/ flyers and door hangers.

Thanks, i’m tying the window cleaning in with my pressure washing on my door hangers/postcards/flyers in hope that one will help up sell the other. On the door hangers one side will be pressure washing add other side will be window cleaning. After checking the cost of postcards i will probally do my own flyers and mail them out. Even though postage is more the price difference should more than make up for it. Besides, it gives me the excuse i need to get a lazer printer

It also depends on what exactly your door hanger says. Does it just tell your neighbors what you do? OR does it give the resident a reason to call you, or even want to make them call you? Remember if you have a bad flier youll probably get bad results also.

Try offering some kind of special, or just re-wording what your fliers says. It makes a big difference.

I recently ordered 1000, passed out 150 so far, got 3 calls.

In my experience the doorhangers seem to be the best ROI. Bright colors, special offer and they seem to get read more than flyers. A bit more costly but better results. I usually go out and distribute them my self but sometimes hire the neighborhood kids. I even give them a 10% refferal fee if they get me a job on there own and they like that. If a home has really clean windows, would be a pain to do or is vacant, I just skip it and go on.

we walk/drive neighborhoods with postcards, hang on mailbox or doors. Ive had great response w/postcards more than fliers.

Hellz yeah, I skip anything with storm windows. I’d rather rush to do 2 jobs at $250 that day then do 1 job with storms for $500.

I hate storm windows. Period.

Your competition probably hates them also, so raise that $500.00 price to $700.00 and then maybe you’ll began to like them!! Always make sure to charge quite a bit more for storms, you never know what type of hassle you are going to be in for.



Its not the storm windows themselves that kill me, its the fact that you can’t get the old windows to open to actually GET TO THE STORMS!

I just told my assistant last week, storm window prices are gonna skyrocket. If I land the jobs, good, if I don’t, oh well someone else’s problem