Which wfp after xero ultimate?

I’m interested in a pole that can handle four, maybe five stories so i have more options for commercial. It needs to be light, rigid, easy to use, and high quality. Any suggestions?

Unger nLite


Yeah, the Xero line only goes up to 40’. Awesome poles though. I use the Xero Ultimate 40’ everyday.

The Unger Nlite Hi Mod and Ultra Hi Mod poles go up to 70’. They are ridiculously nice poles and the price reflects that.

While at the Huge Convention this past week I saw a new 45’ Tucker pole that was extremely
light and rigid. Not sure it’s on the market yet.

Check with @John or @Jersey about all the new poles coming out soon.

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Love my 2 Gardiners.

I have the SLX 30 , An the Gardiner Extreme 45

I have 2 friends who just bought the Tucker An love it

I think that will be my next pole.

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The Tucker 45’?

Gardiner. We routinely work 65+ feet and swear by them.


love my gardner pole


Tucker Yes !!
I think I will start of with the Tucker 25’ or whatever is the smallest. I have a 30’ an a 45’ Gardiner Both still descent.

I like the fact that you can add the lengths with it. Didn’t look at the cost of adding yet , so my decision could change. If to much I’ll start out with the 35’

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Gardiner isn’t compatible with Tucker brushes tho, right? Don’t they use a square connect or something like that?

You can just swap out the Quick Lok with a Euro thread. I prefer the Quick Lok, so I changed the Tucker brush connection to Quick Lok instead, so that’s another way.


As seanktm mentioned, you can just switch out the original socket for a Gardiner square Quick LoQ. We use mainly Gardiner brushes but also brushes from a half a dozen other companies for different applications and use Quick LoQ on all of them for the convenience and ease of use.


The Unger Nlite Hi-mod is the perfect pole for over 40 ft. The clamps are basically undistructable. Also a plus for the Unger verses Gardner is availability of parts. On average it takes 3 to 4 weeks to get parts for Gardner. Unger stock is sold almost everywhere even Amazon.


The difference between the 2 is Gardiners lighter weight and stiffness which is very importantant when working above 40

There are suppliers that do stock Gardener products which eliminates that wait time. The key is to find a supplier the deals with the product you like to eliminates delays.


It’s not the supplier its Gardner that delays things. Also have you checked out the Nlite weight. And we also carry the Ultra Himod which is even lighter.

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The Tucker® Carbon fiber range consists of 3 levels of carbon fiber.

The standard Tucker® carbon fiber poles are branded Tucker® - ECO. These are a lot like the quality of a Gardiner Pole. I know - I sold them for nearly a decade before buying the Tucker® brand. These range from 30-50 reach.

The Tucker® 3K HI MOD poles are far better than the ECO range. They feature a superior carbon fiber material, metal end protectors in each section, and a 2 year warranty on the carbon fiber tubes. These range from 25’ to 69’ reach

The Tucker® 3K ULTRA HI MOD is the lightest stiffest pole available and they range from 45’ to 81’ Reach.

All our poles are assembled right here in the USA, are to be considered premium products and come with the Tucker® brushes. Buy one. Try it for 30 days - if you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back.

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The Unger Nlite at 70 ft is 10 lbs in both Himod and Ultra Himod


I’m waiting for the reviews or comparisons of the Tucker 3k by a user.

Wow thanks for all the great input everyone!

Wow! That was a good side by side comparison. Your experience carries a lot of weight (not trying to make a pun but can’t resist).
Additionally your mention of consistent flex in the Gardiner due to telescoping vs. the irregular thick-thin of the Unger was a good detail to cover.
I wish I could work for you for a couple of weeks to improve my efficiencies.