Which Work Calendar do you prefer?

What is your prefered work calendar ? What are it best features and defects
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Google. Can invite to view or remove employees as needed. Can include detailed descriptions, address with mapping features, and sync across multiple devices. Also links up with quickbooks.
However, we only have 2,3 jobs a week (multi day). So I’m not sure how convenient it is for rout/residential.

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Service CEO. Best features are too many to list. The dispatch board makes scheduling beyond easy. You also won’t ever have to print work calendars for people again, they can just login and look at their own schedule.

Google Calendar.



I would think your favorite work calendar would be the one that your CRM/ Dispatch software uses… Who has time to mess around with 2 calendars?

I’ve never really understood the whole integrate with google calendar thing. Why not just login to your CRM system?

I think Service Autopilot has the best mobile calendar/ work order interface through their app… Jobbers mobile interface is weak, and TCFs is non existent…

Google Calendar

Google calendar doesn’t have anywhere for a telephone number on it what’s more basic than thatgot an invite friends to your party up on it schedule 15 people to get together but you can’t make a phone call
no phone number what’s up with that

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Apparently that is supposed too change with this new Google Calendar thats supposedly rolling out this week.

From what I’ve seen its pretty dope.

I just don’t think that google calendar was meant to run dispatch. If its only yourself, than its probably not a big deal but anymore than that and I can’t imagine that this is effective

I just use TCF except when I prefer the Mayan Calendar.

I use G Calendar, for a specific purpose on my phone only.
Now follow me for a second…

I name the events as…

[Monday March 2]
[B]TROY – Mrs. Jones
TROY – Mr Jackson
ROCHESTER – Joe’s Tavern[/B]

I use city names for quick glance to see where we are that day.
(oh, I see you are in Rochester, we will be in the area Monday)

I ended up loading “Business Calendar Pro” ($5 bucks?) to sync with my Google, because Google didn’t let me hide the early hours of the day.
Business Calendar let me hid those early morning hours from Midnight to 8 am.
And it was more aesthetically pleasing.

To be honest, I have switched to “event view” so I don’t know that it really matters anymore.
But either way, I label the city first for a (very) quick glance of where we will be.

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Google Calender with CalenMob (app itunes)

I’m using my iPhone Calendar and it works great. I’m only a one crew company so I don’t need that much but it’s all I’ve ever needed.

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I use apple calendar. In the past has worked great.

We do mostly residential. With a commercial route we do one day every two weeks throughout the year.

Last year had 3 employees beside myself and apple was good.

This year I have five employees so the test is on…

I’m interested in trying google calendar.

With Apple I can invite all the guys to see my work calendar and that allows them to know what we have planned throughout the year. My guys really seem to like that aspect.

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A full calendar is the best. I wrote my own calendar program

I use an actual pen and write it in an actual calendar. Like they did in the old days. Anyone else doing this?

Yeah unfortunately that is my method. And it is driving me up the wall. So I’m trying to switch to a crm. But that is proving to be a lot of work and adjustment.

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I like to use my old school calendar. I get em free from just about every store out there. Preferable the beer store because they always give out bikini calendars. Every time I schedule a job I get to check out March or May…:cool: