Can anyone remember the “whisper” curiosity postcard some where on here?

Are you talking about this one?Best+Secret+Post+Card.pdf (616 KB)

Link wont open for me.

Any final tweaks or distribution plans for this, Bert?

Hey Bert, I like your unique approach. I sould have added something like that to my book… whoops I did :slight_smile:

I am not quite sure you are mentioning an offer really. You say come to our secret site however you give no reason why.

[B][COLOR=“Red”]Visit our secret website to claim your limited time offer worth $47[/COLOR][/B]

The way this ad is shrouded in total mystery is very risky. I like the approach but it may be a little too much, give them a hint.

wait, did Bert ask for an opinion? lol

He did not. Now … apologize :slight_smile:

Or perhaps Phil will lwt you borrow some from his escrow account.:smiley:

or judo chop you in the neck !

Yes, soon. I am a little busy with a new window cleaner this week. (My wife had our third kid last Tuesday)

Yeah, I saw that in your revised edition. I had some good time to read it will we were in the Hospital (see above). I am making a change that will include a discount offer only available from the internet site.

But thanks for asking. I am working on it.

Congrats on the new baby Bert !

Congrats Bert! Hope the wife and baby are doing well. How big was the baby?

That’s a weird question Tony !
Can you fan with it ? :smiley:

Thanks Guys!