Who are you voting for?

We can keep this completely anonymous of course. The polls are set up that way. Click something!

I clicked I’m not voting

Interesting results so far on this pole.

I think it would be interesting to see who votes and who does not.

This guys voting for the first time…

//youtu.be/Downtown Brooklyn: Who are you voting for and why? - YouTube

I see the voting machines are playing up again - flipping the votes :eek:

Early voting before election day in West Virginia and North Carolina revealed problems with electronic voting machines that were flipping their votes inexplicably.


This election is bringing out a lot of first time voters.I saw it with my own eyes today. PPL not having a clue about the voting process. Which is great in my mind. PPL need to realize it is a privilage to vote. :slight_smile:

It’s a right and an obligation.

It looks like Obama won it.

I voted morals not money. I voted life.
I voted for real change, not “making history”.

I voted Fab Four!